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Welcome to the house of mushrooms, an authentic mycological paradise. We have been the reference website in mycological products since 2013, but much more being passionate about mushrooms.

Immerse yourself on our website, where the magic of mushrooms comes alive in each product we offer. From specialized tools and accessories to culture kits, or dehydrated mushrooms. Our section to search and collect is a paradise for explorers in search of mycological treasures.

Fruit of our passion for mycology we have selected more than 2000 products related to mushrooms, truffles and nature. On our website you will find all kinds of products in which the mushrooms are the protagonists: material for their search and collection, to cultivate them, to cook them to improve your organism and of course to enjoy the mountain and nature. All gathered on a website so you can enjoy your passion. Comfortable your order that we take care of the rest, so you can receive it at home in record time.

If you like mushrooms, fungi and truffles, if you want to buy mushrooms or look for a mycological product, then you are in the right place, because on our website you will surely find it. The mushroom house, We Love All Mushrooms!

arboles micorrizados
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Find everything you need to go out and collect mushrooms and truffles.

Like any outdoor activity, the collection of mushrooms and fungi also needs specific equipment. In the house of mushrooms we are first of all fans of mushroom collection, so we offer that equipment that you are going to need in your outputs to the mountain, mushroom baskets, collection meshes, sealing knives, mushroom backpacks and many more products .

Top categories of mushroom foraging gear

"In La casa de las setas, we understand that mushroom collection is an activity that goes beyond mere search; It is an experience rooted in connection with nature. As true lovers of this exciting practice, we have dedicated time to exploring forests, and that experience is reflected in our careful selection of Settera equipment.

We know that each exit to the mountain is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of the mycological world. Therefore, we offer you a full range of products designed to enrich your outputs to the mountain. From baskets for mushrooms that embrace each finding with delicacy to bags and collection meshes, backpacks for transport, canes or books, each article has been chosen with care.

Our passion for mushrooms translates into a unique purchase experience. As knowledgeable, we understand the importance of having adequate equipment. That is why we associate with the best manufacturers, guaranteeing my high quality mycological products. In the house of mushrooms, we not only sell equipment; We share with you the essence of our hobby and provide you with the necessary tools to explore, collect, study and enjoy mushrooms with total confidence.

We invite you to discover our S, where you will find everything you need to convert each exit to the mountain into a unique and authentic adventure. The house of mushrooms, where the passion for mycology is lived in every detail!"

Discover all products to grow mushrooms inside and outside

Fungiculture, art of cultivating mushrooms, has become an exciting and increasingly popular practice. In La casa de las setas, we understand the fascination that awakens homemade culture among mushroom lovers. The direct connection with the growth process and the satisfaction of reaping your own fruits are experiences that enrich the soul of any fan.

In our specialized section you will find mushroom cultivation kits, producing trunks, larger mushrooms, mycels and mycorrhized plants with the most coveted wild mushrooms. From niscaleros pine trees to truffle and jaras mycorrhized jaras with edulis boletus. In the house of mushrooms we offer a full range of products to meet your mycological needs.

Whatever the mushroom you want to grow, in the house of mushrooms we have the perfect product for you. Consult us and discover the wonderful world of fungiculture in the comfort of your home!

arboles micorrizados
micelio esporas
Cultivate mushrooms at home with the best cultivation kits

Fungiculture or mushroom cultivation is an increasingly practiced activity. Many mushroom fans prefer to grow fungi at home than to buy them directly in the supermarket. They like to see how mushrooms grow, and they like to cook them collecting them just at the optimum growth moment.

In La casa de la setas we have selected the best mushroom cultivation kits, with those most recommended varieties for its production or the ease of crop. Culture mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, paris mushroom, portobello, anger or chopo mushrooms. Inoculated substrates already ready to start producing mushrooms in just over a week. With these mico kits growing mushrooms at home step by step is very simple.

With mushroom crops at home the smallest of the family will enjoy seeing mushrooms. We even have special kits for children, so that in addition to seeing mushrooms they can paint the container and participate in the growth of their mushrooms.

In addition, you will find mushroom producing trunks, larger mushroom alpacas, micelios and mycorrhized plants with the most consumed wild mushrooms. Niscaleros Pinos. Truffle holm oaks, mycorrhized jaras with boletus edulis and many other varieties. Micelos in pellet of different varieties and sporant solutions to accelerate production.

Whatever the mushroom you want to grow, in the mushroom house we have the product you are looking for. Ask us.

Growing mushrooms categories

Enjoy a unique gourmet experience with our artisanal mushrooms and truffles

In La casa de las setas, exploring our gourmet section is to immerse yourself in a culinary delight where mushrooms and truffles are protagonists. Each product, selected for its exceptional quality and handmade by small producers, offers a unique experience. From a large selection of dehydrated mushroom species, risottos, and jams, our offer covers mycological gastronomic wealth. Discover the freshness of summer or winter truffles, from the prestigious teacher area of ​​the teacher. Either for gourmet gifts or Christmas baskets, we have created options adapted to all budgets. The house of mushrooms is your destiny to explore and savor the authentic culinary essence of nature.


Dehydrated mushrooms, canned, dishes made with mushrooms for enjoying the whole year and fresh seasonal mushrooms and mushrooms

"In the gourmet edible mushroom section of La casa de las setas, you will find a lot of products where your main ingredient is mushrooms and truffles. All of them selected for their high level of quality, and handmade by small producers.


 You will find up to 21 different species of dehydrated and powder mushrooms. Boletus edulis, Amanita caesarea, perrechicos, trumpet of the dead, yellow trumpet, hiker, rebozuelo, hole, ... all of them both in small format and bulk for hospitality in formats of 500 and 1000 gr.


 If you are looking for other gourmet mycological products, we have natural mushrooms, in oil or cooking dishes with mushrooms such as slips. Risottos and paste with mushrooms for cooking effortlessly. Jams and canned sweets such as the bitterness of yellow trumpet or the boletus and truffle jam. Even a variety of artisan liquors and beers where the boletus, rebozuelos or niscalos are the protagonists.


 In the Gourmet Trufas section of the Mushroom House, you will find from Summer or Fresh Winter Trufa to receive at home in 24h, to preserves made with this precious fungus. We must not forget that we are in one of the best truffle production areas in the world, the teacher.


 If you are looking to make an original gourmet gift or buy a Christmas basket, test with one of our packs or baskets made with mushrooms. We have gathered several Christmas basket options with mushrooms, so that they adapt to your budget."

Best gourmet products categories

Discover the benefits that mushrooms and fungi contribute to your body

Explore the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in La casa de las setas, where you will find a wide range of supplements, cosmetic products and healing fungi extracts. From the rejuvenating power of the Reishi to the vigorizing properties of cordyceps, we work with the best national and international laboratories to guarantee the quality of our products. Discover the therapeutic versatility of mushrooms such as Sun mushroom, turkey tail, maitake, chaga or shiitake, and give your body the care it deserves. Buying medicinal mushrooms was never so easy and beneficial to your health.


Discover the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in La casa de las setas, your source of well -being with quality mushrooms and fungi.

"Enter yourself in the fascinating world of medicinal mushrooms, where nature becomes an ally of your well -being. In our exclusive corner, we invite you to explore a wide and diverse range of products derived from healing mushrooms, conceived to nurture both your body and your mind. From supplements to cosmetic products and medicinal fungi extracts, our collection possibly represents the largest variety gathered in an online store dedicated to mycological health.


 In our exclusive section of mycosalud, we offer dehydrated medicinal mushrooms, extracts and supplements, selected with care to guarantee quality and effectiveness. We associate ourselves with the most prominent laboratories, both national and international, to ensure that each product meets the highest standards.


 The list of fungi and mushrooms with medicinal properties is fascinating and extensive: from the stimulant agaricus blazei to the versatile turkey tail and the delicious shiitake. Each variety has unique, indicated properties to address different conditions and promote holistic health.


 Discover how you can incorporate these medicinal treasures into your daily routine and transform your well -being with natural and effective options. If you have interest in buying medicinal mushrooms, such as the Reishi, Ganoderma, Shiitake, among others, we invite you to explore our specialized section. In La casa de las setas, we make buying medicinal mushrooms be an enriching, accessible and beneficial experience for your integral health. Embarcate on a trip to renewed health with us!"

What medicinal mushroom are you looking for?
Sercorous gifts

We have the best gifts for mushroom lovers

Find the ideal gift for mycology lovers in our collection of setes. From specialized utensils to books and tools, each article has been selected to satisfy the passion for mushrooms. Surprise with unique and exciting experiences, making each gift an encounter with the nature and pleasure of discovering new flavors and aromas. Exclusive details to complete your mycological equipment. Make each gift unforgettable!

We help you find the mycological gift you are looking for

The reference website in mycological products since 2013

"Explore our fascinating collection of southern, mycological and related to the exciting hobby of the search and study of mushrooms and truffles. In La casa de las setas, we have dedicated ourselves to thoroughly select those articles that we know will delight mushroom fans. From specialized utensils to books and tools, each element has been chosen with care, thinking of satisfying curiosity and passion for the mycological world.


 Immerse yourself in our wide range of seter gifts and discover everything necessary to please mycological treasures. From unique details to complete their mycological equipment to unique and exciting experiences, you will find the perfect inspiration to surprise those who love to explore the fascinating universe of mushrooms and truffles.


 Do not miss the opportunity to give special moments loaded with emotion and connection with nature. Each gift becomes a window open to the wonder of discovering new flavors and aromas. Exclusive details designed so that they do not lack anything in their exciting mycological journey. Surely you have been choosing gifts that will inspire and enrich their passion for mycology!"

Let's solve your doubts about our online mushroom store

Frequent questions, FAQS

"Here you can find the answers to most of the doubts that may arise on how to make an order, payments, guarantees, how we make shipments or how to manage incidents.

  If you have any other queries you can send us an email to info@lacasadellassetas.com, contact 964096680 or send a WhatsApp at 640267118. We will be happy to help you"

What are the essential elements that I need to go out to collect mushrooms?

In La casa de las setas we know the importance of adequate riding when it comes to venturing into the world of mycology. From ergonomic baskets designed specifically to preserve mushrooms in optimal conditions to specialized knives that guarantee a precise and safe cut, our selection includes backpacks with specific compartments to transport the findings without damaging them. In addition, we offer accessories such as canes, ideal to facilitate collection, and other practical elements that make mushroom search experience an even more pleasant and efficient moment.

What criteria do we use in the selection of the products of our online store?

The selection of products is done with great care and experience. Our team has an extensive experience in the collection and cultivation of mushrooms, which allows us to apply rigorous criteria to select each item we offer in our online store. We look for products that stand out for their quality, durability and practicality in use, collaborating closely with the best manufacturers and suppliers. This thorough selection guarantees that mycology fans find exactly what they need to fully enjoy their passion."

What are the advantages of mushroom culture kits we offer?

Our mushroom culture kits are a perfect option for those who wish to enter the fascinating world of fungiculture. We offer a wide range of varieties, from Swettra to Shiitake, each with inoculated substrates ready to produce mushrooms in just over a week. These kits are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, ideal for beginners and enthusiasts equally. In addition, we have special kits for children, promoting their participation and learning in this exciting culture process.

What makes our selection of baskets and backpacks special to collect mushrooms?

We are dedicated to offering products that facilitate and improve the experience of mushroom collection. Our selection of baskets and backpacks stands out for its ergonomics, durability and functionality. These products are carefully selected by their resistant materials and specific designs that provide comfort and ability to preserve the findings during exits to the mountain. We bet on elements that not only facilitate collection, but also protect and maintain the mushrooms collected in optimal conditions.


Can I make the order on the phone?
Yes, if you prefer, you can make your order by phone, calling +34964096680 or +34640267118, also by WhatsApp and by email (info@lacasadellassetas.com) To make the order we will need your personal data, an email and a phone, as well as the references of the articles and the payment method chosen. "
What if the product is not in stock?
If any of the requested items were not available, the mushroom house will inform you of the approximate delivery period provided by the supplier. If you need to receive an order on a specific date, we recommend you contact us and indicate it by phone or by mail. In this way we will take it into account and we can let you know if any of the products were not available, to be able to replace it with an alternative one. We try to have most of the products in stock, but there are one of them, which by their nature we cannot have them available.
Can I modify an order?
Of course! Whenever the order has not been sent you can modify it, adding or removing items. To do so you must contact us and indicate the changes to be made. We will take care of modifying the order and adjusting the amount of the same. You will receive a payment for the difference in the case of being a minor amount or instructions to make the payment of the amount that remains in our favor if it is.
Can I cancel an order?
Of course, you can cancel a purchase whenever you want. Try to be before we send the product since if you cancel the order once it has been sent, we must receive the article again to pay the amount of the order. In these cases, it has already been sent, provided that the cancellation is the client's decision, the parties associated with the sending and collection of the order will be deducted from the amount of the product.
I have a discount code. Where can I use it?
If you have a discount code Ode a gift card code, you must enter it into the box for it on the payment gateway. Just arrive at the total order you will see a box that indicates ""Do you have a discount code?"" It is there where you must introduce it. If the code is valid you will see how it reduces the amount of the order according to the type of code.
Can I request an invoice from my order?
Of course! To facilitate the purchase we do not ask our customers for their NIF or identifier number, but if you want to receive the invoice you just have to request it by sending an email to info@lacasadelassetas.com indicating the billing data and especially the CIF of your company.


Where do I receive the articles?
"The products are sent directly to the address that proportions at the time of your order. If you are already registered, you can access your client account and modify the shipping address. If you need help to do it, get in touch with us. It is important that you review the address that you provide, since if there is any error we cannot be responsible for the expenses involved in solving the error (re -sending the order).
I was wrong of delivery address
The products are sent directly to the address that proportions at the time of your order, so we recommend that you review the address that you provide, since if there is any error we cannot be responsible for the expenses involved in solving the error (Rendy the order again). To solve the incidence, you must send us the new address as soon as possible. If we arrive in time we will modify the address at no cost for you, but if we modify the address with the order already sent, we must send the order again incurring new expenses that will always be in charge of the client.
What is the deadline?
In the mushroom house we have an average preparation of the order of less than 24h, if the product is in stock. Our usual delivery period is 48/72h. In many cases the product is delivered even in 24h. If a product is not available, depending on the supplier, the delivery period will be between 4 and 7 working days after paying. In any case we will always notify the client of possible delays in the delivery of the order.
Do you send to the Canary Islands?
For shipments to the Canary Islands you have to contact us so that we have the price, since it depends on the weight and volume and in the case of the Canary Islands also entails customs expenses. Once we have indicated the price and you agree with it we will launch the order For any questions or consultation about free shipping or delivery conditions you can contact us through our contact email info@lacasadelassetas.com
Are the delivery charges included in the price?
No, shipping costs are not included in the price of the product. These will apply when formalizing the order. The shipping price of each order will depend on the destination and volume of the same and will be explicitly indicated in the total price of the order, before making the payment.

Returns and Exchanges

Can I make a product change once received?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase you have 14 unpronsate calendar days from the delivery of the order to make a change or return of one product for another. The amount in your favor or ours will be adjusted once we receive the name and reference of the new product in La casa de las setas. In any case the returned product must be in perfect condition and retain its original packaging. Otherwise you are responsible for depreciation.
Product change. How do I manage it?
You have 14 calendar days from the delivery of the order to change any of its products. Of course this must be in perfect condition and retaining its original packaging. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for the depreciation of the original amount if the product presents some type of damage or indications of use. Only in the case of requesting a change of product, La casa de las setas will run with the cost of one of the portes associated with this change (the collection of the product to be changed). The delivery must be paid again. To proceed to change we will need to indicate the product to be changed and the new chosen product. In this way we can calculate the new amount by adding the shipping costs. If the change generates an amount in favor of the client, the mushroom house will pay the amount in the same means of payment used. If it is in favor of La casa de las setas we will send an application of the amount to be paid before leaving the product. If the product changed conditioned the free sending of the initial order, the amount of the shipment will be subtracted from the amount of the return. We will only accept the change of products that are in their original condition.
Product and refund return
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 14 non -extendable calendar days from the delivery of the order to return it. The amount of the return will be made once the article by La casa de las setas is received in our warehouse. This must be in perfect condition and retaining its original packaging. Otherwise you are responsible for depreciation. If the product presents any type of damage or indications of use, the amount will not be returned. In any case, only the value of the item will be paid, the portes associated with the return will always be in charge of the buyer. If the returned product conditioned the free sending of the initial order, the amount of the shipment will be subtracted from the amount of the return.
¿Cuál es la dirección para devolver el pedido?
" What is the address to return the order? The delivery address for return is: La casa de las setas C/ San Roque 3, Under Left 12004 Castellón. Tel 640267118 The return must be done by messaging. We will not accept shipments of products that are not delivered in this direction, nor those that have to be collected in other addresses (in a post office for example) We will only accept the return of products that are not in their original condition if the merchandise is defective, is damaged or in poor condition, and provided that the damage is attributable to the manufacturing, transport or shipping process. In these cases the return of the bearing will be in charge of LA CASA DE LAS SETAS
In what conditions should I return an order?
All merchandise must be returned without having been used and in its original packaging (if it exists) in perfect condition and protected so that it is not received with sealing or adhesive transport tapes. Otherwise you are responsible for depreciation.
Can a purchase be canceled?
Yes, of course, you are in your right, as long as we have not already sent the order. In this case you will assume the transport expenses that could have been generated. You can perform this cancellation communicating with La casa de las setas through WhatsApp to the number +34640267118, called to this same number or sending an email aimed at info@lacasadellassetas.com If within this period, the mushrooms has already sent the order, the client undertakes to return the order in perfect condition and with the original wrapping. The return costs will be in charge of the client. La casa de las setas will return the amount of the order, once the status of the returned product is proven. In the case of receiving the order in poor conditions, the client is responsible for depreciation.