Specialists in mycological equipment

Like any outdoor activity, collecting mushrooms and fungi also needs specific equipment. In La Casa de las Setas we are above all mushroom picking enthusiasts, so we offer the mushroom equipment that you will need in your trips to the mountains, baskets, collection nets, mycological knives, mushroom backpacks and many more products.

As mushroom enthusiasts we have been going to the mountains for a long time. We know perfectly which are the necessary items to go out to practice our hobby. That is why we care about selecting the best manufacturers and mycological products and we offer them to you so that you can enjoy your hobby of searching, collecting, studying and consuming mushrooms. All in one online store.

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Fungiculture or mushroom cultivation is an increasingly popular activity. Many mushroom enthusiasts prefer to grow mushrooms at home rather than buy them directly from the supermarket. They like to see how mushrooms grow, and they like to cook them by picking them just at the optimum moment of growth.

In the House of Mushrooms we have selected the best mushroom growing kits, with those varieties most recommended for their production or ease of cultivation. Growing bags of oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, paris mushroom, portobello, enoki or poplar mushrooms. Inoculated substrates ready to start producing mushrooms in little more than a week. With these mico kits growing mushrooms at home step by step is very easy.

With mushroom cultivation at home, the youngest members of the family will enjoy watching mushrooms grow. We even have special kits for children, so that in addition to watching mushrooms grow, they can paint the container and participate in the growth of their mushrooms.

In addition, you will find mushroom-producing trunks, alpacas of larger mushrooms, mycelia and mycorrhizal plants with the most consumed wild mushrooms. Niscal pine trees. Truffle oaks, rockroses mycorrhizated with boletus edulis and many other varieties. Mycelia in pellet of different varieties and spores solutions to accelerate production. 

Whatever mushroom you want to grow, in La Casa de las Setas we have the product you are looking for. Contact us at


In the gourmet edible mushrooms section of La Casa de las Setas, you will find a large number of products where the main ingredient are mushrooms and truffles. All of them selected for their high level of quality, and handmade by small producers.

You will find up to 21 different species of dried and powdered mushrooms. Boletus edulis, amanita caesarea, perrechicos, trumpet of the dead, yellow trumpet, senderuela, chanterelle, morel mushrooms, ... All of them both in small and bulk format for catering in formats of 500 and 1000 gr.

If you are looking for other gourmet mycological products, we have canned mushrooms in their natural state, in oil or cooked dishes with mushrooms such as pickled chanterelles. Risottos and pasta with mushrooms for effortless cooking. Jams and sweet preserves such as sweet and sour yellow trumpet or boletus and truffle jam. Even a variety of liqueurs and craft beers where boletus, chanterelles or chanterelles are the protagonists.

In the gourmet truffle section of La Casa de las Setas, you will find from fresh summer or winter truffle to receive at home in 24h, to preserves made with this precious fungus. Do not forget that we are in one of the best truffle production areas in the world, the Maestrazgo.

If you are looking for an original gourmet gift or to buy a Christmas basket, try one of our packs or baskets made with mushrooms. We have put together several options of Christmas baskets with mushrooms, to suit your budget.

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