The mushrooms of the province of Cádiz

The mushrooms of the province of Cádiz

Editorial La Serrania

Complete mushroom guide by Manuel Becerra


Despite its small area and its location in the south of the Peninsula, the province of Cadiz is a paradise for mycology lovers. This is due to a mild climate with mild temperatures most of the year, abundant rainfall that in the Grazalema Massif is comparable to other parts of the Cantabrian coast and a huge variety of plant formations, the result of its complex terrain and geology. That is why, today and with the data we have, we can say that it is among those that harbor greater fungal biodiversity at the state level with more than 1,000 different taxa.gaditana mycology stands out at the Andalusian level, as there are three mycological associations, several thematic days are held among which stand out those of Jimena de la Frontera and has been a pioneer in the marketing of mushrooms with the opening in that town of the first mycological market in Andalusia. This book describes 100 of the species that can be found in the province of Cadiz, highlighting the inclusion of 58 edible species, many of them abundant in the area, but which, however, are hardly collected or are unknown to the amateur.Title: Las setas de la provincia de Cádiz. 100 species to know its mycological wealthAuthors: Manuel Becerra Parra and Estrella Robles DomínguezPublisher: La SerraníaISBN: 978-84-96607-45-3Pages: 176 full colorFormat: 17×24 cmBinding: paperback, with flaps

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