Mushrooms in the province of Malaga

Mushrooms in the province of Malaga

Editorial La Serrania

Mycological guide of the province of Malaga



The province of Malaga has a peculiar climate and an abrupt orography that give rise to an enormous variety of ecosystems where mushrooms proliferate, as is the case of the cork oak forests, holm oak forests, pine forests, chestnut forests, pinsapares and mountain pastures . In them it is possible to collect mushrooms as coveted as the egg yolk, boletus, chantarella, oyster mushroom, milk cap or trumpet of the dead but also other toxic or deadly as the green oronja, the fly swatter, the hood or the mountain cortinario.

In this book, together with a brief introduction on mycology and the main plant formations of Málaga, the most frequent species in the province are described, paying special attention to the edible mushrooms and those toxic ones that every enthusiast should know to avoid misfortune. Also included are others that, although more scarce, we have considered it appropriate to list, either because of their beauty or their rarity. In other sections the existing regulations on the activity of collecting mushrooms in the different natural parks that are spread throughout the geography of Malaga and mycological associations present in Andalusia, plus the activities of those belonging to the province of Malaga, as in the case of the mycological days of the Genal Valley and Cortes de la Frontera are exposed. The book ends with a glossary of technical terms used and telephone numbers of interest.

Title: Las setas de la provincia de Málaga
Authors: Manuel Becerra Parra and Estrella Robles Domínguez
Publication date: June 2008
ISBN: 978-84-96607-50-7
Format: 17×24 cm
Pages: 128 in full color