Mushrooms of Spain and Europe, Gerhardt
Mushrooms of Spain and Europe, Gerhardt
Mushrooms of Spain and Europe, Gerhardt
Mushrooms of Spain and Europe, Gerhardt

Mushrooms of Spain and Europe E. GERHARDT

Ediciones OMEGA
<p> Complete Guide to Fungi of Spain and Europe , with 980 species of the most common mushrooms and fungi in the Iberian Peninsula. Buy your book Fungi of Spain and Europe in La Casa de las Setas


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This mushroom book contains 980 species of mushrooms and fungi , with the most representative from all over Europe, a good number from Central Europe, many of which are found in the Iberian Peninsula , and 300 from the Mediterranean region and from the alpine and subalpine levels.

Includes all frequent fungi , most of the moderately frequent ones and some rather rare ones, which can be found in the Iberian Peninsula. The descriptions of each species contain: vulgar names, macroscopic and microscopic characters, smell, taste, edibility, distribution and abundance.

The introduction deals with the biology and development of the fungi and suggests how and where to collect them. It also contains a list of threatened mushroom species and identification keys.

General section Introduction. Sexuality and reproduction of fungi. Microscopic characteristics. Techniques of microscopy and preparation of slides. Preparation of a fungal collection. Identification of fungi. Identification key of the families. Synopsis for systematic determination. Glossary. Bibliography. Symbols and abbreviations used. Spore color chart

Identification section Class Ascomycetes (Ascomycetes). Class Fragmobasidiomycetes (Phragmobasidiomycetes). Class Basidiomycetes (Basidiomycetes). Subclass Hymenomycetidae (Hymenomycetidae). Order Aphyllophorales (Aphyllophorales). Order Tricholomatales (Tricholomatales). Order Agaricales (Agaricales). Order Amanitales (Amanitales). Order Pluteales (Pluteales). Order Entolomatales (Entolomatales). Order Cortinariales (Cortinariales). Order Rusulales (Russulales). Order Boletales (Boletales). Subclass Gasteromycetidae (Gasteromycetidae). Order Gasteromycetales (Gasteromycetales)

Alphabetical index. About the authors. Provenance of illustrations

With more than 1000 color photographs and 600 drawings


  • Author(s): E. Gerhardt, J. Vila, X. Llimona
  • Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Printing: Color
  • Number of pages: 960
  • Year of publication: 2000
  • Number of editions: 1
  • Translator/s: Translated by M. Jesús Fortes
  • ISBN: 9788428211208
  • Size: 13 (W) x 22 (H)
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Guía micológica