RAPACES OF THE WORLD Identification...

RAPACES OF THE WORLD Identification Guide J. Ferguson-Lees

Ediciones OMEGA
<p>This book covers exhaustively the 313 species of raptors that exist in the world. The scientifically rigorous text details all aspects of distribution, habitat, voice, feeding and breeding biology.

Color illustrations show adult, juvenile and immature plumages. All 78 genera of raptors are illustrated in flight and drawn to scale. The text, always accompanied by black and white illustrations, describes specific aspects of identification and behavior. Each species has a color distribution map.

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List of species. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. How to use this book. Orders of magnitude of raptor populations. Measurement of length and wingspan. Differences in shape and size between sexes and ages. Identification of raptors. Migration of raptors. Moult patterns and age determination criteria by Carl Edelstam Vision, hearing and smell of raptors by Carl Edelstam Plumages and external structure of raptors by Carl Edelstam Taxonomy, evolutionary sequence and nomenclature of raptors. Spanish names of raptors. Color plates. Systematic section.


More than 2115 illustrations in 112 color plates

Author(s): J. Ferguson-Lees

Binding: Hardcover

Printing: Color

Number of pages: 1088

Year of publication: 2004

Translator/s: Pijoan, M.

ISBN: 978-84-282-1301-1

Size: 17 (width) x 25 (height)