Growing truffles, a growing reality
Growing truffles, a growing reality

Growing truffles, a growing reality

<p> This book, dedicated to truffle growing , gathers the latest advances in world research, updates criteria, describes extensively the different aspects of this science and can be considered as the most important novelty of the last few years.


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This magnificent work, a theoretical-practical manual dedicated to truffle growing or cultivated truffle production, gathers the latest advances in world research, updates previous criteria, comprehensively describes the various aspects of this science and can be considered the most important novelty of recent years for those who dedicate their efforts to truffle growing or plan to do so.

Marcos Morcillo Serra, Mónica Sánchez Sánchez and Xavier Vilanova Solá have managed to present us with a precious volume, useful and with very advanced information that they generously transmit to us in its pages, due to the professional capacity of its authors, wide experience, constancy, vocation and facility to synthesize their knowledge in a book.

The total actuality of this excellent book of investigation and information, has moved its authors, very correctly, to make a version in English language. It is of great interest that these works, pioneers in their field, can be studied more easily throughout the world.

The book begins with a history of truffle harvesting in Spain, analyzes the decline in wild truffle production and the current situation of truffle growing in our country. It continues with fact sheets on the truffles used in truffle growing: Tuber melanosporum, T. brumale, T. borchii, T. mesentericum, T. aestivum, T. uncinatum.

The next chapter deals with the biology of truffles, their structure and physiology, their cycles, genetic level, asexual reproduction and the biology of burnt truffles. It ends with a section aimed at going deeper and helping to differentiate what is considered the greatest value of truffles: their aromas.

He then presents a work on the habitat and ecology of the main truffles in Spain, including their distribution, climatic needs, characteristics of truffle soils, truffles in acidic soils, and associated fauna and flora. He closes this part with a few pages on the comparative ecology of the various species and reports on their bacteria and bacterial ecology.

He then develops an interesting chapter dedicated to reporting on the establishment of new plantations: historical precedents, choice of plant, density, soil preparation and plant protection. It continues with various aspects on management and installation phases, pre-fruiting, fruiting, soil work, mulching, irrigation, pruning, wind, substrates, herbicides, phytosanitary products and plant control analysis. It ends with a section on the use of complementary crops.

The following section is devoted to natural truffles and the inoculation of adult trees.

It goes on to describe the situation of truffle growing worldwide, analyzing the development of the following countries: France, Italy, Eastern and Northern Europe, China, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the United States, Chile and other American countries.

The following part is dedicated to the economic considerations of this precious product: profitability of truffle growing, value chain, shelf life of truffles and systems for their prolongation, cultivation experiences with T. aestivum, brumale and borchii, market evolution and supply and demand.

It continues with a block of information on truffle flies and beetles, followed by a series of sheets describing the pathologies of truffle oaks. It ends with several examples of truffle farms selected from Spanish truffle growers.

Includes bibliography and alphabetical index

Contains 237 photographs and 61 graphs and figures


  • Title and subtitle: Cultivar trufas, una realidad en expansión
  • Publisher: Micología Forestal Aplicada
  • Author: Marcos Morcillo Serra, Mónica Sánchez Sánchez, Xavier Vilanova Solá
  • Languages: Spanish (English version exists)
  • Pages: 352
  • Year of publication: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-84-617-3654-6

EAN: 9788461736546

Dimensions: 240x170 mm.

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 1300 gr.