Olive oil with truffle
Olive oil with truffle
Olive oil with truffle
Olive oil with truffle

Olive oil with truffle

Extra virgin olive oil with LA BELTRANA truffle slices. Laminated truffle to enhance the flavor. Delicious!



We bring you this Extra Virgin Olive Oil with sliced truffles. The mixture of truffle and oil is becoming a popular condiment that serves to add the flavor of truffles to almost anything, in the easiest way. You can use it with pasta, fish dishes, cheese sauces and anything else you can think of.

The range of infused extra virgin olive oils is elaborated following the most traditional maceration systems and using only natural dehydrated ingredients. These blends are macerated for one month before bottling to intensify their strength, aroma and flavor.

It comes in a nice 200 ml glass bottle with a refined design very useful to have it at hand in our kitchen.

Its attractive design makes it a very attractive gift for cooking and mycology lovers.

2020-12-01 20:32:27
buen producto muy elaborado
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