Pack truffle Diamonds in the rough.

Pack truffle ""Diamonds in the rough"".

<p> The queen of winter and the queen of summer, the melanosporum and the aestivum together in a box that will allow you to taste two of the best truffle varieties. Two flavors so different and so unique.


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This pack contains the following products:

Truffle Tuber melanosporum in its juice

We make a rigorous selection of the truffle to pack, both in the degree of ripeness, as well as sizes and shapes. We only pack whole truffles, and at their optimum point of ripeness, thus guaranteeing their flavor and aroma. This is the product that makes us enjoy truffles all year round. Ideal for sauces, pasta, fillings, etc.

Summer truffle slices (Tuber aestivum) with extra virgin olive oil

Tuber aestivum (Black summer truffle) washed, washed, manually sliced and packed with extra virgin olive oil and salt, without preservatives or coloring agents

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