Truffle pack Capricho entre horas.

Truffle pack Capricho entre horas.

Who said snacking between meals was bad? One of the greatest pleasures is a snack before lunch or dinner, accompanied by wine or sparkling wine. Buy good bread and enjoy toast, on freshly baked bread, with oil, the best foie gras from free-range ducks, delicious slices of summer truffle in olive oil or truffle caprice spreads.


This pack contains the following products:

Extra virgin olive oil with black truffle (100 ml)

The oil comes from Lower Aragon, and we treat it with care to join it to the black diamond, the truffle.

Duck foie with black truffle

Supreme union, to triumph with canapés, very soft flavor, creamy texture.

This block is made with the best ducks fed with corn and raised in freedom, as well as the best variety of black truffle.

Semi-cured sheep cheese with truffle

Round cheese weighing approximately 400 grams. Exceptionally, you can receive half a cheese, which will always weigh 400 grams.

Slices of summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) with extra virgin olive oil

Tuber aestivum (Black summer truffle) washed, selected, manually sliced and packed with extra virgin olive oil and salt, sterilized, without preservatives or colorants.

Truffle Caprice

Cream or pâté of caramelized onion with chanterelles and black truffle (Tuber melanosporum). The perfect combination: the truffle and the chanterelles taste of earth on all sides.

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