Truffle pack Meat addicts.
Truffle pack Meat addicts.
Truffle pack Meat addicts.
Truffle pack Meat addicts.

Truffle pack ""Meat addicts"".

<p> If you are one of those who think that red meat is a pleasure and for you a good steak is your weekend treat, you need this box. The meat to your liking, with a little salt and a little truffle. Try it in several versions: simply with olive oil, dare with a little truffled balsamic reduction, grate some preserved truffle or carefully cover the meat with some slices of summer truffle. We believe that you cannot ask for more


Entrega 3-5 días

This pack contains the following products:

Extra virgin olive oil with black truffle (100 ml)

The oil comes from Lower Aragon, and we treat it with care to unite it with the black diamond, the truffle. The olive variety is empeltre, and it comes from centenary olive trees. It has obtained numerous awards such as the Gold Medal Concours AVPA Paris, the oils of the world. The truffle gives it an exceptional touch and makes this condiment a must in your kitchen.

Truffled balsamic vinegar reduction of Modena (100 ml)

The balsamic vinegar reduction with black truffle aroma has an ideal thickness for canapé nesaladas and even lentils, it gives them a unique touch that will become a must in your kitchen.

Slices of summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) with extra virgin olive oil

Tuber aestivum (Black summer truffle) washed selected, sliced manually packed with extra virgin olive oil and salt, without preservatives or colorants.

Black truffle tuber melanosporum in its juice

We make a rigorous selection of the truffle to pack, both in the degree of ripeness, as well as in size and shape. We only pack whole truffles, and at their optimum point of ripeness, thus guaranteeing their flavor and aroma. This is the product that makes us enjoy truffles all year round. Ideal for sauces, pasta, fillings, etc. Add the sliced or grated truffle to hot food at the last minute so that this essence does not evaporate, since the truffle requires little cooking time.

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