Mousse de setas al limón

Mousse de setas al limón

<p>Lemon mushroom pâté to spread on bread, to accompany grilled meats, baked vegetables and many other recipes that you can see in the QR code on the label.

LCS 2208
Entrega 3-5 días

We are very proud to be able to offer a perfect recipe. A mushroom mousse with caramelized onion, pumpkin, kombu seaweed, apple, PX sweet raisin wine in a combination full of flavor.

Net weight: 120g

The mushroom mousse is designed by Chef Miriam Cozar, from Biodiverxa.who has made up to 70 taste tests to find the perfect combination of flavor that melts on the palate.

All the ingredients are certified organic by the CAAE (Andalusian Committee of Organic Agriculture).

The mushrooms selected for this great product have been our pink mushrooms, shiitake, black thistle and mushroom. The aim is to give pink, black and beige tones to the marinade, combining unique flavors and medicinal properties.

It has no allergens or preservatives.

It is a vegan product.

Free of plastics in all its elaboration.

On the label we have included a QR code that leads directly to the section of recipes designed exclusively to enjoy other original, easy and gourmet ways of use.

See our box format with 4 jars, large box with 22 jars at or order by pallet.

Nutritional content:

Energy 11,8 cal / 49 jul

Fat 0,08 g

of which saturated:0,01 g

Carbohydrates 2.6 g

of which sugar : 0,56 g

Dietary fiber: 0,51g

Proteins: 0,62g

Salt 0,08g