Modern mushroom cultivation

Modern mushroom cultivation


Monographic guide on the cultivation of mushrooms and other varieties of mushrooms and fungi


It is generally accepted that mushroom cultivation originated in France, more or less by chance. Around 1650, some farmers in the Paris region, dedicated to the cultivation of melons, observed that mushrooms developed on used compost from the hot beds of melon crops. They began their experiments and found that they could only grow such mushrooms from the melon beds in their orchards. Meadow mushrooms cannot be grown in the garden said Bonnefons in 1651.

From this statement we can clearly deduce the difference between the wild mushroom of the fields and that which admits of cultivation, whether this is done by the ancient methods or by those of our own day. The evolution of mushroom cultivation in Spain has followed parallel paths to those of other countries. Today, alongside an important number of small growers, there are other medium and large installations in which the most modern techniques are used.

The starting point of this book is the growing conditions in the Netherlands. However, the exchange of knowledge on cultural data and techniques between the producing countries has become so intense in recent years that there is hardly any question of regional or even national cultivation methods. Therefore, we believe that this Spanish edition will be of great use to professionals and farmers interested in the subject in all Spanish-speaking countries.

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