Bamboo poles

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Bamboo poles

have you ever thought of buying bamboo poles for trekking or hiking? These poles are part of the necessary equipment for outdoor excursions, especially in the mountains.

Among the benefits of bamboo poles, it is worth mentioning that they provide an extra boost. In addition, they reduce stress on joints such as ankles and knees and provide one or two extra points of balance in complex terrain.

We can find different models and features in bamboo hiking poles. Likewise, this will vary their final price.

The idea of using this material is that its lightness and resistance allow you to carry it with great comfort. Even so, it has the disadvantage, compared to others such as aluminum, that it is not foldable, but if you want to start taking your first steps in the world of trekking and hiking, bamboo poles are your natural allies.

Buy bamboo poles for mushroom foraging

Just as hikers and trekkers rely on a walking stick, mushroom pickers should do the same. Thanks to a bamboo cane you get an additional point of support, which will prevent you from unnecessary and dangerous sprains or falls in the forest. In addition, another reason to buy bamboo mushroom canes is that they minimize fatigue.

how to choose the perfect wooden mushroom cane? The ideal is to opt for a cane that does not have a significant impact on the environment and that meets the requirements to ensure a good experience. For this reason, before buying, you should take note of these characteristics:

  • Material. The type of material from which your cane is made is very important. For example, you can choose oak, but its stiffness will cause it to break easily after continuous use. Bamboo, however, is a more suitable material for this type of item. In addition to a long service life, it creates canes that are comfortable and flexible.
  • Length. You should choose a cane based on your height. Put your arm at 90º and measure the distance from the ground to your hand. A person with a height of 1.70 will need a cane between 1.15 and 1.20 meters.

On the other hand, whether you want a bamboo cane for mushroom foraging or for trekking in La Casa de las Setas we can help and advise you to buy what you need.