Las colmenillas y su gastronomía. Cómo, cuándo y dónde J. A. DE LA RICA

Morels and their gastronomy

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In recent years the world of gastronomy, and especially professional gastronomy, has discovered with surprise and admiration the extraordinary possibilities of gastronomic mycology. It is perfectly understandable that this should happen and there is nothing unusual about it. The strange thing, really, is the lateness of this discovery; that it was not made much earlier and parallel to the interest that mushrooms have awakened in the particular world of country enthusiasts for a long time. But this portrait also has its explanation, because mushrooms, whether we like it or not, are frankly rare and unique biological entities, and to top it all, toxic in many cases and poisonous in others.


  • Publisher : Edinatur N.E. (15 April 2009)
  • Soft cover : 130 pages
  • ISBN: 9788493698522