Pocket guide for the mushroom hunter, Calonge
Pocket guide for the mushroom hunter, Calonge
Pocket guide for the mushroom hunter, Calonge
Pocket guide for the mushroom hunter, Calonge

Pocket guide for the mushroom forager F.


Complete mycological guide by Francisco de Diego Calonge . Indispensable in your library



The Pocket guide for the mushroom hunter is a mushroom book of small size, hence its name, but of dense and very illustrative content, with an enormous amount of information, where general contributions, known to the general public, converge together with others of exotic origin. The latter are presented in the form of species recently published for science and very difficult to observe gathered in other guides of similar characteristics.

The guide aims, once again, to avoid serious confusion when eating mushrooms and for this reason the representation on the cover of the most delicate mushroom that exists, Amanita caesarea, ""oronja"" next to its more dangerous cousin Amanita phalloides, ""amanita mortal"", serves as an example.

Finally, there are plates with the main types of trees of the most representative forests existing in the Iberian Peninsula, with the approximate list of mushrooms corresponding to each one.

In summary, although it is true that the size of the photograph is small, it has also represented a great effort to include in a pocket guide more than 300 mushrooms illustrated in color, which is almost mission impossible.

For all these reasons, we trust that the final result of this work will be to the liking and acceptance of the general public and that they will enjoy reading and handling it very easily, by following a simple alphabetical order in the exposition of the species described.


Indicative key to locate the genera of mushrooms included in the book. Foreword. Introduction and objectives of this guide. Concept of mushroom and mushroom. Importance of mushrooms in nature. Rules for collecting, studying and preserving mushrooms. Classification scheme followed in this guide. Edible and poisonous mushrooms. Prevention and treatment of mushroom poisoning. Description of species contained in this book. The forest and its fungi: an approach to the ecological distribution of the most frequent species. Acknowledgments. Glossary. Index of Latin names. Recommended bibliography.


  • 158 pages
  • Format 21,5 x 14,5
  • Edition 2009
  • ISBN: 9788484763758