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LED flashlight
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LED flashlight

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Surely on more than one occasion you have traveled thinking about watching a sunrise after a mountain route or, on the contrary, enjoying a sunset after a long journey through the depths of the forest. ...but have you ever thought about how important it is to carry a flashlight to counteract those hours without light?

Having a flashlight will not only allow you to see your way back home or to your car in perfect conditions, but it will also help other people or drivers to recognize you and avoid an unexpected accident.

Become an explorer of ten with headlamps

The headlamps are essential and very practical for your adventurous trips and, above all, for when you practice activities such as mountaineering, alpinism, climbing, hiking, running, trekking. ..

Because thanks to its flexible and non-slip strap, you can carry it with you on your head and in this way, you will have your arms completely free and your hands free to make any movement.

In addition, these flashlights have great power. E n l a Casa de las Setas we have a section full of them: square head flashlight, circular head flashlight, rechargeable head flashlight ...

Advantages of LED flashlights

LED flashlights have great advantages: ultra-low power consumption, high power, quality light, long life and do not produce so much heat. In addition, thanks to their high quality materials (aluminum, steel or titanium) they are shock resistant and do not emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

If, for example, you like to do activities such as cycling or diving, it is important to know that these flashlights reach long distances. So dont miss our zoom LED headlamp or our LED xenon headlamp .

And if youre looking for a flashlight that features steady, flashing and emergency red filter lights, our x5 LED headlamp ....

Field Flashlights. Discover new places safely

Are you thinking of going on a nature getaway, maybe camping or going on a camping trip? Then you should take LED cap light with you, you wont want to part with it! Attach it to your visor or hat and enjoy.

Its perfect for providing illumination when you build a fire, go mushroom hunting or enjoy a long night under the stars . get yours!

Free your hands to perform any task in the dark, even if its a rainy day, because the flashlight is protected against splashing water.

Carrying lighting in your backpack: Do you know about rechargeable lamps?

Many times when traveling, the excitement of the moment does not allow us to remember everything we need to carry in our backpack, and rechargeable handheld flashlights are one of the essential accessories! So we recommend that you check your survival kit before leaving home.

The lamps with rechargeable bulb are a convenient option to carry in our car and use them in case of any unforeseen event. In addition, they have a carabiner clip, 7W power and two settings: warm light and cold light.

Perfect for placing in a tent, caravan or glamping!

Flashlights: an essential accessory for hiking

If you are thinking of hiking with your family, partner or friends and visiting a cave or tunnel, we recommend that you always carry a flashlight . It will make your way easier: you will have more visibility in dark areas , you will not stumble over possible stones and, in addition, it will be much easier to find some treasure!

As you can see, there are all kinds of flashlights, each of them perfect to accompany you in every occasion. Thats why its important that before you get yours, you take into account how you will use it.

Immerse yourself in the world of outdoor lighting Here you can find the flashlight that best suits your needs!

And dont forget that at the Mushroom House s we will always be happy to help you, so if you have any questions or queries, please contact us!