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Hiking Poles

Hiking poles are one of those accessories that you shouldn't go without on your mushroom hunting outings. They provide you with support when walking and help prevent potential falls during your mushroom adventures, increasing your stability and balance.

Because finding the right one is important, at Casa de las Setas, we have a wide catalog of trekking poles that will captivate you, available in different colors and materials. From classic poles or chestnut poles to personalized poles or cane poles, in the most traditional style.

Outdoor poles

Find your pole among more than 80 models of mountain poles available.

Explore our exclusive collection of handmade poles at Casa de las Setas, where elegance meets durability. These meticulously crafted poles stand out for their perfect balance between functionality and style. The materials of our poles have been carefully selected and guarantee durability on challenging terrain, turning them into authentic works of art. Their ergonomic design provides comfort and stability with each step of your mountain adventures, offering a unique connection with nature.

At Casa de las Setas, we value authenticity and craftsmanship, and each pole is an expression of these qualities. Discover the harmony between form and function as you explore our collection, finding in each pole not only an essential tool but also an aesthetic manifestation of your connection with natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the unique experience of exploring nature with a pole that goes beyond functionality, carrying with you the distinctive quality and style of Casa de las Setas.

Folding Sticks

Embark on your outdoor adventures with elegance and functionality. We present our exclusive selection of foldable poles to offer you a unique experience while walking in the mountains. These poles not only provide reliable and durable support but also fold easily for added comfort during your journeys. Their ergonomic design and high-quality materials ensure a secure grip and a feeling of connection with nature. Discover the harmony between the sturdiness of aluminum and the nobility of wood, allowing you to explore the beauty of the natural environment with style and comfort. Elevate your outdoor moments with our foldable poles, the perfect choice for those who value quality in every step.

Walking Sticks

The walking sticks from La Casa de las Setas blend tradition and functionality in every detail. These artisan masterpieces balance strength and elegance exceptionally well. Their versatile design adapts to both rugged trails and leisurely strolls, offering authenticity and warmth thanks to the careful selection of materials.

Each walking stick becomes a natural extension of your connection with nature, whether exploring rough terrain or enjoying the serenity of the surroundings. La Casa de las Setas' exceptional craftsmanship is reflected in these walking sticks, bearing witness to attention to detail and dedication. Discover the authenticity and connection they offer, making them indispensable companions to enrich your outdoor experiences.

Garrotas, Staffs

Gayatos or classic staffs are traditional elements that stand out in La Casa de las Setas' collection of walking sticks. The high-quality materials used in their making ensure durability and resistance. These artisanal tools incorporate a carefully curved handle that fits perfectly in the hand, providing a secure and comfortable grip during use.

The curved shape of the handle not only highlights attention to detail in the making but also enhances the user experience by offering a natural and balanced feel. Whether for exploring rugged terrain or outdoor activities, the curved handle of our staffs adds a touch of functional elegance, merging design and practicality exceptionally well. Discover the difference that a well-designed handle can make by exploring our collection at La Casa de las Setas, where comfort meets tradition in every tool.

Customize Your Stick

Add a distinctive touch to your hiking stick by engraving your name, turning this functional tool into a truly personal piece. By engraving your name on the hiking stick, you not only give it a unique touch but also establish a special connection with your stick, as if it were an extension of your identity. Customize your stick with your name and let each step tell your story uniquely and authentically.

Reed Sticks

At La Casa de las Setas, we invite you to discover the distinction and versatility of our reed sticks and reed knobs. These pieces, carefully crafted with selected reed, represent a harmonious fusion between artisan tradition and modern functionality. Their elegance is not only reflected in the meticulous design but also in the lightweight and durability they offer, making them ideal companions for exploring mountain trails or adding a distinctive touch to your outdoor moments.

The inherent flexibility of the reed provides exceptional balance, smoothly adapting to different types of terrain. Whether you're looking for reliable support for your journeys or a stylish complement for your outdoor activities, our reed sticks and reed knobs will provide the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of nature and exceptional craftsmanship with every step you take with our reed sticks and reed knobs at La Casa de las Setas.

Bamboo Sticks

Discover the lightness and natural elegance of our bamboo sticks at La Casa de las Setas. We carefully select bamboo to make these pieces, offering a unique fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

Our bamboo sticks are not only a practical choice but also an expression of simplicity and durability. They are perfect companions for your nature excursions, providing reliable support without compromising comfort. The distinctive lightness of bamboo makes them most suitable for those seeking a lightweight and sturdy accessory for their outdoor adventures. Discover the harmony between the authenticity of bamboo and exceptional craftsmanship in each stick of our collection at La Casa de las Setas.

Unique Handcrafted Sticks

Explore uniqueness and authenticity in every step with our handcrafted sticks at La Casa de las Setas. Each of these sticks is a unique work, with special shapes that are impossible to replicate, giving life to truly extraordinary pieces.

The exceptional craftsmanship of our master artisans is reflected in the diversity of shapes, creating sticks that are not only essential tools but also unique expressions of creativity and skill. Whether you're looking for a distinctive design or simply want to carry a functional work of art with you, our handcrafted sticks offer the perfect combination of originality and quality. Discover the magic of uniqueness in each of our handcrafted sticks, where form and function intertwine exceptionally well.

Metal and Rubber Ferrules

At La Casa de las Setas, we recognize the importance of durable accessories for hiking sticks and wooden or aluminum staffs on our outdoor expeditions. We offer a carefully curated selection of ferrules, metal tips, and accessories designed to ensure the strength and stability of your sticks. Our variety includes options in rubber, steel, nickel, and galvanized, covering different sizes to suit your needs. Whether to replace worn parts or customize your own handcrafted sticks, our options ensure a long service life. From stainless steel metal tips to rubber ferrules with various diameters, you'll find everything you need to walk with confidence and comfort. Discover the difference that the right accessories make in your outdoor adventures, improving stability and enhancing your experience on diverse terrains.

What Type of Pole to Buy?

We help you choose the pole that best suits your size

In your mushroom hunting quest, a pole becomes your ideal ally, providing you with safety and comfort. By leaning on mountain poles, you find balance and distribute effort, toning your back and allowing you to fully enjoy the forest. Choosing the right pole is crucial, and opting for a handmade one guarantees not only its functionality but also supports a decades-old tradition.

Additionally, spiked poles, such as the chestnut staff or the gayato, become essential for those venturing into dense forests. Not only do they provide extra grip on rough terrain, but they also serve as defense against possible unforeseen events. These poles are not just practical tools; they are companions that connect you directly with the earth, relieving your joints, especially your knees, from pressure on descents. Thus, the trekking pole is not just a functional accessory but an essential item for nature lovers, representing a direct connection to the natural environment. Organize your next outing, discover the artisan tradition in each pole, and enjoy nature with elegance and comfort. If you need advice, at the Casa de las Setas, we will be happy to help you. Contact us and take a safer and more stylish step on your mycological journeys!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mountain Pole

Material Type
Opt for a handmade wooden pole to promote tradition and quality. Choose a sturdy and durable wood, such as chestnut, that suits your needs.
Pole Length
Wooden staff: For a wooden staff, the ideal height is determined by measuring from the ground to the palm of the hand when the arm is bent at a 90-degree angle. This measurement usually ranges between 1.10 m and 1.35 m, ensuring a comfortable fit and proper weight distribution on varied terrain. Staff or Gayato Pole: In the case of a staff or gayato pole, the height may vary slightly compared to a standard staff.
Spiked Poles
If you venture into dense forests, consider a chestnut staff or a gayato pole with a spike. They provide greater grip on rough terrain and can serve as defense.
Functionality and Comfort
Look for a pole that distributes effort, tones the back, and reduces pressure on the legs. Make sure the pole is comfortable to hold and handle during your outings.
Connection with Nature
Consider the pole not only as a tool but as a companion that connects you directly with the earth. Enjoy nature by relieving your joints, especially your knees, from pressure on descents.
Craftsmanship and Tradition
Value handmade craftsmanship, where each pole is unique and carefully crafted. The presence of knots or branches can add charm and authenticity to the design.

What Height of Pole Do I Need?

Choose a trekking pole that fits your height

Another important factor to consider when choosing our walking pole is the length. We will select it based on our height so that we can move comfortably. The most common measurements are between 1.10 m and 1.35 m; we can calculate it by placing the arm at 90º, and the height from the ground to the hand will be the most correct length.

On our blog, we have an article where we explain how to choose your pole. We recommend you to read it!

The ideal height of a pole depends on various factors, mainly your own height and the type of activity for which you will use it. Here is a general guide to determine the appropriate height of your pole:

Hiking or trekking pole: If you use it for walking or hiking, the pole should be adjusted so that your elbow forms an angle of approximately 90 degrees when holding the pole handle. The typical height ranges between the ground and your bent elbow.

Pole for uneven terrain or mushroom hunting: For activities on uneven terrain, such as mushroom hunting, you can adjust the height so that the pole reaches approximately to the height of your hip. This will provide good balance and support on rougher terrain.

Walking stick: If you are using a classic walking stick or a shepherd's crook, the height may vary. Make sure you feel comfortable and that the stick offers effective support.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and the best height may vary according to your personal preferences and the specific type of outdoor activity you are doing. Experiment with adjustments until you find the height that provides you with the greatest comfort and support during your adventures.

Why Choose a Mountain Pole?

Choosing a mountain pole becomes a journey of its own, beyond a simple selection of equipment. It is a journey that intertwines functionality with aesthetics, tradition with contemporaneity, turning each step into an experience rich in history and symbolism. From the sturdy bordón that embraces the essence of resistance to the elegant cachaba that merges art and utility, each type of pole is a unique expression of the relationship between humans and nature. In this journey through mountain poles, we will explore the depths of their diversity, discovering the stories carved into each piece and the purposes they fulfill in outdoor life.

Tall poles

The bordón, majestic in its length and solid in its construction, emerges as a fundamental pillar in the hiking and trekking experience. More than just a support pole, the bordón becomes a confidant, resilient and durable, supporting each step on varied terrain. Some bordones incorporate a spike at the bottom, adding a tactical dimension to face steep descents and challenging terrain. This choice of pole is not only a gesture towards robust functionality but also an affirmation of commitment to resilience and adventure.

Traditional Poles

The garrote, the intrepid sibling of the hiking pole, brings versatility to new heights with its sharpened or pointed end, known as a gayato or spike. This pole becomes an indispensable companion for those seeking not only support on difficult terrain but also a tactical tool in unforeseen situations. The garrote is a bold choice, an assertion of preparedness for any challenge, and a symbol of versatility in the world of outdoor equipment.


The cachava or cane handle, with its curved grip, brings with it distinctive aesthetics and elegance. This moderately sized pole becomes a functional work of art, merging simplicity with craftsmanship. The cachava, more than a support accessory, is an expression of the connection between the user and artisanal tradition, a piece that embodies history in every curve and line.


The maquila, the cousin of the cachava but with a straight handle, represents simplicity and practicality at its finest. This shorter pole is a testament to the idea that beauty is found in simplicity. The maquila becomes a distinctive accessory, chosen by those seeking functionality without sacrificing aesthetics on their walks and hikes in the great outdoors.

Pilgrim's Poles

The pilgrim's staff, lightweight and adorned with emblems or shells, transcends mere practical function to incorporate symbolic and spiritual elements. This pole not only guides the pilgrim's steps but also becomes a testament to the spiritual journey. Each adornment on the pilgrim's staff is a story in itself, making it a travel companion that carries deep and personal meanings.

Herding Sticks

Herding sticks, designed for functionality in rural environments, transform into essential tools for shepherds and herdsmen. With reinforced ends, these sticks are not just poles; they are extensions of the arms, work instruments that facilitate the driving of livestock. Their robust and durable design is a testament to the ancestral relationship between humans and the working land.

Poles with Mace

Explore the exclusive collection of mace-topped staves at Casa de las Setas, where authenticity merges with functionality. These artisanal masterpieces, finished with the root, stand out for their unique design and durability. Each staff features a mace that combines effectiveness and elegance, and the root finish adds a distinctive touch, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. Discover the harmony between artisanal tradition and innovation in each staff, where the root becomes a symbol of authenticity and style, offering a unique connection with nature at Casa de las Setas.

Why Buy a Trekking Pole?

Let us tell you the advantages of using trekking poles for walking

Buying a trekking pole can transform your experience in challenging terrains. It provides stability on uneven terrain, reduces pressure on the joints, and offers additional support on slippery surfaces. Moreover, it contributes to reducing muscle fatigue, increases heart rate and calorie burn, and easily adapts to different terrains. A trekking pole not only enhances safety in the mountains but also adds comfort and versatility to your outdoor adventures, making a difference in your well-being and enjoyment during your explorations.

When choosing a trekking pole, you're not just investing in a functional tool but also enhancing your connection with the natural environment. The stability it provides is essential for exploring with confidence and safety, especially in challenging conditions. The reduction of pressure on the joints and the ability to adapt to diverse terrains make every step lighter and more comfortable.

Furthermore, the active use of the arms not only lightens the load on the legs but also turns your hike into a more complete cardiovascular activity. The adjustable versatility of these poles allows you to adapt to different conditions, making the difference between an ordinary hike and an enriching experience. In summary, a trekking pole is not just a tool but a companion that enhances your connection with nature, providing stability, comfort, and versatility on every outdoor adventure.

Advantages of Using Hiking Poles for Mushroom Hunting

Exploring the forests in search of mushrooms is an activity that connects people with nature in a unique way. For those who find joy and fascination in this pastime, the hiking pole becomes an indispensable companion, providing not only stability and practical support but also a deeper connection with the environment. In this context, we will explore the numerous advantages and utilities offered by the hiking pole during mushroom hunting outings, highlighting how this simple tool becomes a symbol of connection, safety, and respect for the environment with each step through the forest.

Enhanced Stability
Using hiking poles improves stability while walking on uneven terrain, which is common in forest environments. The additional points of contact with the ground provided by the poles help distribute body weight more evenly, reducing the risk of slips or falls.
Reduced Leg Fatigue
The hiking pole helps reduce the strain on leg muscles, especially during long walks through the forest. By sharing the workload between the upper body and lower body, hiking poles can help alleviate fatigue and prolong the duration of mushroom hunting outings.
Support on Uneven Terrain
Forest floors can be littered with obstacles such as roots, rocks, and fallen branches, making walking challenging. Hiking poles provide added support and stability on uneven terrain, allowing mushroom hunters to navigate through such obstacles with greater ease and confidence.
Defense Against Unexpected Situations
In addition to providing stability and support, hiking poles can also serve as a defense tool in unexpected situations. Whether warding off aggressive wildlife or creating noise to alert others of your presence, the hiking pole can be a valuable asset in the wilderness.
Aid in Mushroom Collection
Hiking poles can be used to gently lift leaves or brush aside debris to reveal hidden mushrooms beneath. Their sturdy construction makes them ideal for carefully maneuvering vegetation without damaging delicate fungi.
Depth Measurement
Hiking poles with marked measurements can be used to gauge the depth of mud, water, or snow, helping mushroom hunters assess the terrain and plan their route accordingly.
Injury Prevention
By providing stability and support, hiking poles can help prevent injuries such as sprains or strains, especially on uneven or slippery surfaces. This is particularly important during mushroom hunting outings, where trails may be rugged and challenging.
Enhanced Walking Experience
Walking with hiking poles can make the overall experience more enjoyable and comfortable. The added support and stability they provide allow mushroom hunters to focus more on their surroundings and less on the physical demands of walking.
Comfortable experience
By incorporating hiking poles into their mushroom hunting adventures, enthusiasts can enjoy a safer, more comfortable, and more rewarding experience in the forest.

We ship poles in stock within 24/48 hours

We work with the best pole artisans, and all our poles are selected for their strength, durability, and quality of manufacture. You just have to choose the model that best suits your collection style. We will deliver it to you within 24/48 hours directly to the address you provide. It's that easy.

Our quality guarantee backs the durability and performance of each pole we offer. We are committed to excellence in our products, and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we offer a return policy to ensure your complete peace of mind. With each step you take with our poles, you can trust in our dedication to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

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