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Trekking poles

Poles for hiking, Nordic walking, trekking and mushroom foraging.

One of the essential accessories for hiking and mushroom foraging. If you haven't tried them yet, when you go out in the mountains with our trekking poles you will see the difference.

Walking in the mountains with trekking poles helps to reduce fatigue, lightens the load on arms and back, helps to support and climb slopes and saves you movements when you are looking for mushrooms.

We have selected those poles that we as mushroom foraging enthusiasts believe are best suited to our hobby.

You will find from light aluminum models, foldable in several sections to carry in our mushroom backpack, mushroom poles that incorporate a small compass to guide us in our search, even a model that includes a small integrated LED flashlight!

If you prefer the classic models, made of wood, you can buy wooden canes with metal tip, natural, varnished, bamboo.

If you want a cheap wooden cane, we have incorporated the classic wooden gayatos, more compact. And as a novelty we have incorporated metallic and rubber tips for those who prefer to build and decorate their own wooden cane to collect mushrooms and fungi.

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Cane reed baton

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Blue folding cane

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Red folding cane

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What models of trekking poles can we find?

Depending on the use that we are going to give to a trekking cane we will have to opt for a model of trekking cane or another. In the market there is a great quantity of walking sticks models but in the Section of walking sticks and gayatos of La casa de las Setas we have chosen those hiking sticks more useful to walk in the mountain and to look for mushrooms.

So you will find from classic wooden walking sticks or handmade walking sticks, to modern models of folding aluminum walking sticks and even accessories and various models of metal tip for walking sticks or metal tip for walking sticks. The range is wide and at the best price guaranteed.

Using hiking or trekking poles for walking in the mountains, walking or even mushroom picking poles has become very popular and nowadays it is very common to go hiking with poles. Besides that they help to reduce fatigue, they help to avoid injuries and also help us in our walks and also to look for boletus.

Which model of mountain walking stick to choose?

Surely you have asked yourself this question and the answer is not simple. It depends on the use you are going to give it. If you are a fan of walking in the mountains for short walks, maybe choosing a wooden walking stick is a good option. The shepherd's sticks or handmade wooden walking sticks of La Casa de las Setas are made by the best craftsmen. Using the best materials, they make handmade wooden walking sticks, wooden clubs or wooden carved walking sticks. This type of wooden canes or pilgrim canes have a steel tip at one end to protect the tip of the cane and are of different heights, from the shortest or gayatos of chestnut wood to the mountain canes type truncheon. Their robustness will be very useful to help us to look for mushrooms as well as giving us the satisfaction of using a handmade cane.

If we prefer a light trekking pole, then the decision should be to buy an aluminum trekking pole. All models of folding aluminum trekking poles are lighter than wooden poles and we can carry them folded in our mushroom backpack.

How to use a trekking pole?

If we know how to use trekking poles we will reduce fatigue and improve circulation in the extremities as well as reduce pressure in the lumbar area and take advantage of the strength of the pole to help us go up and down slopes. In this article we explain how to use a mountain walking stick, we recommend it.

If we want to make long trips it is better to use two poles instead of just one, although if we also want to carry a wicker basket it will be somewhat complicated. Although we can always choose a folding basket to carry in the backpack.

Accessories to customize your wooden walking stick

We all like unique accessories and if we talk about customizing mushroom equipment, the wooden mushroom stick is one of the accessories that can be tuned. You can send us a text that we will engrave on the wooden field cane, or you can use any type of metal cane tip or rubber tip to repair or modify your cane. You can even use the metal tip to make a cane yourself!

I want to give a wooden walking stick as a gift, what model of walking stick can I buy?

When you want to give a gift to a mushroom or mountain enthusiast, choosing a hiking stick is always a good option. Within the range of walking sticks and hiking poles you will find from a cheap wooden walking stick to more exclusive models to give as a gift such as the Guidetti Terre de Trek walking stick. An authentic aluminum cane imitating wood and with a natural wood handle that hides inside an Opinel knife, a great gift!

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