GUÍA DE LOS ÁRBOLES DE ESPAÑA Constitución, vida, identificación y descripción R. Moro

Ediciones OMEGA
<p>This book is intended for nature lovers as well as hikers and walkers eager to identify the trees in our forests, fields and parks. It is also intended for loggers who want to improve their practical knowledge and for ecologists. It is also useful for farmers of hollow and pasture woodlands and in general for all those who want to know the current situation of our woodlands and pastures, as well as to get ideas for the regeneration of both.

Entrega 3-5 días

Tree definition. Tree dimensions and cubing. Maximum measures of our trees. Constitution and life. Importance of the fruits in the Spanish arboriculture. The natural and national parks and their arboreal flora. Meaning of the name of the plants and etymology of some of the most frequent genera and species. Guide for the identification of the species. Trees of Spain. Description: Simple leaves, trees with needle or needle-like leaves, scale-like leaves, trees with flat leaves of variable width and simple. Leaves composed of several leaflets or leaflets.

With 310 color photographs and 46 black and white drawings

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  • Author/s: R. Moro
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Printing: Color / Black and white
  • Number of pages: 408
  • Year of publication: 2006
  • Number of editions: 2
  • Number of volumes: 1
  • ISBN: 978-84-282-1439-1
  • Size: 14 (width) x 21 (height)