ARBOLES GUÍA DE CAMPO La guía más completa de los árboles de España y de Europa O. Johnson y D. More

Ediciones OMEGA
<p>This is the most complete and detailed illustrated guide to the trees of Spain and Europe. More than 1500 trees are described, the largest number of species ever included in a single-volume field guide. Each major group of trees contains a list of key species, as well as features to look for. Each species is described and illustrated on the same page, with detailed, clearly designed text for easy identification and superb, original color illustrations.

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How to use this book. Introduction. Keys. Winter shoots. Conifers. Leaf shapes. Species descriptions. Tree ferns and Ginkgo. Yew trees and torreyas. Conifers. Cypresses. Junipers. True firs. Cedars. Larch trees. Spruce trees. Tsugas. Pines. Latifolias (dicotyledonous). Poplars and poplars. Willows. Jicorias. Walnut trees Juglans. Birches. Alders. Southern beeches. Beeches. Oaks and other Quercus. Elms. Magnolias, hawthorns and hawthorns. Sorbus. Apple trees. Pear trees. Holly trees. Maples. Horse chestnut trees, false chestnut trees. Lime trees. Eucalyptus. Ash trees. Monocotyledons. Meritic species. Glossary. Alphabetical index.

More than 3000 color illustrations

Author(s): O. Johnson and D. More

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket

Printing: Color

Number of pages: 480

Year of publication: 2006

Translator/s: Pijoan, M.

ISBN: 978-84-282-1400-1

Size: 14 (width) x 20 (height)