Wild boletus jam
Wild boletus jam
Wild boletus jam
Wild boletus jam
Wild boletus jam
Wild boletus jam

Wild boletus jam


Delicious wild cantharellus jam, Cantharellus lutescens


For the preparation of this Gula de Monte Jam we use the wild mushroom called Cantharellus tubaeformis, commonly known as Gula de Monte. This species is harvested in coniferous or pine forests. Its shape is atrompetada, of brown color with yellow or ocher shades and sweet flavor.

The recipe for the preparation of this preserve, in which the ingredients are: mountain gluttony, apple pectin, glucose, sugar and water (all natural), make this jam a unique product, unprecedented, that when tasted, flavors reminiscent of forest and nature appear in the mouth.

Because of this peculiarity, we recommend it as an accompaniment to meats, roasts, game. It is delicious with yogurt or cheese as a dessert

When it is served on the plate, pieces of mushroom appear very attractive, which are pleasant.

Characteristics of Gula de Monte Jam

Natural ingredients: Cantharellus tubaeformis, apple pectin, glucose, sugar and waterPresentation: 215 g jarOnce opened, keep in the refrigerator. Best before 12 months

The mushrooms used come from the province of Palencia. This area in the north of the Peninsula, free of atmospheric pollution, where a series of requirements such as altitude, temperature, rainfall, care and maintenance of the mountains, ... are the key to obtaining this natural wealth.

The main raw material used is wild mushrooms and fungi collected in these forests. With this premise and selecting the highest quality pieces, these recipes are shaped to offer the market innovative, unprecedented, artisan and natural elaborations where neither colorants nor preservatives are used.

María Jesús
2020-10-14 13:57:54
Ya lo he utilizado y me encanta el sabor que da
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