Nasturtiums in their natural state

Nasturtiums in their natural state

<p> Preserved nasturtium , Tricholoma portentosum


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Canned wild mushroom , dulled with water and salt in a small proportion.

This mushroom called Capuchina or Carbonera ( Tricholoma portentosum ), reproduces in areas of coniferous (pine) forests during autumn and early winter, being very robust and fleshy.

This edible mushroom , drained, can be used as a fresh mushroom (in scrambled eggs, risotto, pasta...) It is not necessary to discard the liquid and the contents of the jar, liquid included, can be added to a stew shortly before finishing it. Its use is very diverse, since once drained it can be used as fresh mushroom, cooked with garlic, in scrambled eggs, omelette or to accompany meat and fish stews, pasta, stews, rice...etc.

The wild mushrooms and edible fungi that arrive at the factory are reviewed by biologists and mycologists discarding possible misidentified specimens. Afterwards, they are selected to eliminate defective specimens and all elements that may alter the quality of the product, such as needles and other plant remains.


Canned capuchin with water and salt without any other additives.

Once the package is opened, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator. The preferential consumption is 12 months.

Net weight: 420 grams per jar

Gross weight: 675 grams per jar
Drained weight: 350 grams
Capacity: 445 ml

Tipo de seta comestible
Capuchina (T. portentosum)