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Seaweed spagheti and mushrooms risotto in bulk

<p> Quickly prepare this sea spaghetti seaweed and mushroom mix risotto. Surprise with this mixture of flavors!

Special packaging for the hotel and catering trade 2500 gr


Entrega 3-5 días

Surprising and delicious ready to cook risotto of sea spaghetti seaweed and mixed mushrooms , in bulk packaging in a special plastic bag for catering

For its preparation we recommend this recipe:

  • Put a pot to boil with water and/or broth in equal parts
  • In a frying pan brown an onion in extra virgin olive oil
  • Pour the contents of the pot and stir. Add a little white wine and let it reduce
  • Then add the boiling water/broth and stir often (the more we stir the creamier it will be)
  • Add salt to taste and keep boiling (approx. 20 minutes). Add water/broth if necessary and correct the salt
  • Serve hot
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