Boletus Fideuá

Boletus Fideuá

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<p> Glass jar of boletus fideuá , Boletus edulis with vegetable broth Available in 4 servings format. Very easy to prepare


Entrega 3-5 días

Try this traditional dish of pasta with mushrooms . Easy and simple to prepare, you will have a Fideuá de boletus in only 15 minutes. Includes vegetable stock!


Brown the boletus Fideuá with olive oil and add water. Cook for about 15 min and season to taste with a little Parmesan cheese

Characteristics Boletus Fideua

  • Ingredients noodles, boletus mushrooms ( boletus edulis ), fried onion, wheat flour, vegetable oil, vegetable stock and garlic.
  • Net weight 375 gr 4 servings
  • Dried product
Tipo de seta comestible