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Mushroom Powder Tasting Pack nº2

Mushroom powder tasting pack x4

<p> Tasting pack of 4 different types of powdered mushrooms . For lovers of cooking with mushrooms

If at the time of serving the order there is any item in the pack that is out of stock, it will be replaced by another of similar characteristics and price


This pack contains

Entrega 3-5 días

Gourmet mushroom tasting pack which includes 4 different types of mushroom flours for seasoning and flavoring your recipes.

This tasting pack of mushroom powder nº2 includes:

  • oronja flour, jar 20 gr
  • senderuela flour, jar 20 gr
  • black trumpet flour, jar 20 gr
  • perrechico flour, jar 20 gr

Eight different gourmet products , to be able to taste with friends or at home, or to make an original Christmas gift!

In case of unavailability of any of the varieties of powdered mushroom, it will be replaced by a different species