Mycelium Pleurotus eryngii 30 l

Micelio Pleurotus eryngii 30 l

<p>Thistle mushroom mycelium 30 l container, 18 kg. Contains 6 bags of approx. 3 kg of P. eryngii mycelium for industrial use.

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This product is not shipped outside Spain. 

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  • Mushroom of medium or large size.
  • Expanded cap and grayish to pale brown color.
  • Firm, consistent flesh and fine flavor.
  • Very productive.

Cultivation characteristics

  • Rapid incubation and fruiting.
  • Duration of cultivation: between 12-17 days for the first bloom and another 13-15 days for the second bloom.
  • Temperature range: between 10/20ºC, with optimum values of 15/17ºC.
  • Illumination: 800-1,500 lux, 8 hours/day.


  • Do not allow temperatures above 30ºC in the INCUBATION for prolonged periods of time.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature during the incubation phase that can lead to condensation in the substrate.
  • In the CULTIVATION PHASE we should maintain the CO2 concentration in the environment below 900 ppm.
  • During the first days, maintain the relative humidity of the environment between 90-92% and later lower the values to 87-89%.
  • HARVEST the fruits once the edge of the mushroom appears stretched and before it starts to break.


High quality mushroom for commercialization in specialized high-end markets.

Recommended sowing time

Depending on the conditions of the cultivation facility, from June to November.

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