Mushroom and truffle cultivation
Mushroom and truffle cultivation
Mushroom and truffle cultivation
Mushroom and truffle cultivation

Mushroom and truffle cultivation


Essential guide to mushroom and truffle cultivation


People who wish to cultivate mushrooms often encounter a lack of clear and accurate information. This lack of information is addressed in this book, which will be useful to achieve success in the cultivation, both domestic and industrial, of Pleurotus, Shiitake and other mushrooms. It details the production of mycelia and substrates, the characteristics that the cultivation premises must have, the fight against pests and diseases, the needs of each species and the ways to satisfy them in order to be able to cultivate them.

It also explains the exploitation and cultivation of truffles, the conditions that must be met by the land suitable for them and the main legislation on the subject.

It also includes a chapter of summary tables on technical data on the difficult cultivation of the mushroom, which can be used by growers to check possible failures. And, as a novelty, a chapter has been added in this fifth edition with the old European texts on mushroom cultivation, all of them in their entirety and translated.


Introduction. General characteristics of mushrooms. General stages of mushroom cultivation: Substrate preparation. Substrate inoculation and incubation. Induction of mushroom production. Harvesting. Small-scale cultivation. Obtaining mycelia: Artificial media for laboratory cultivation. Technique for pure culture. Multiplication of mycelium for commercialization. Sterilization and asepsis. Home multiplication of mycelium. Commercial houses. Characteristics of the cultivation premises: Temperature. Humidity. Ventilation. Automated systems. Pasteurization chamber. Pests and diseases of cultivated mushrooms: Pests. Diseases. Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus: General information about its cultivation. Cultivation on cut trunks. On stumps. Industrial cultivation on cereal straw. Home cultivation on straw and plant debris. Other cultivation methods. Marketing and consumption. Other mushrooms that can be cultivated: Cultivation of other Pleurotus. Cultivation of other European mushrooms. Exotic species. Cultivation of truffles: How to try to cultivate them. Truffle breeding. Main legislative norms on truffles. Ancient European texts on mushroom cultivation. Appendix: Summary tables on mushroom cultivation. Bibliography.


256 pagesFormat 23,5 x 16,5Edition 2007

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Genial! muchas gracias por todo
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Me recomendaron esta guia y la verdad es que esta muy pero que muy bien. Recomendable
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Completa guia de referencia de cultivo. A seguir instucciones este año
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Buena guia y mu completa

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