Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium 30 l

Mycelium Pleurotus ostreatus 30 l industrial

<p>Oyster mushroom mycelium 30 l container, 18 kg. Contains 6 bags of approx. 3 kgs of P. ostreatus mycelium for industrial use

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  • Fleshy, medium-sized mushroom (6-13 cm)
  • With bluish shades at the beginning, darker the lower the culture temperature.

Culture characteristics

  • Fast in incubation and fructification.
  • Fructifies easily below 20ºC.
  • Can be cultivated between 5 and 20ºC, although the best results will be obtained at 15/17ºC.


  • Do not allow temperatures above 30ºC in the INCUBATION for prolonged periods of time.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes during the incubation phase that could lead to condensation on the substrate.
  • Once the incubation phase is finished, start to lower the temperature gently.
  • When we begin to see PRIMORDIA in the holes of the packages, we can begin to ventilate more intensely.
  • Maintain a relative humidity between 82 and 87% during the CULTIVATION PHASE .
  • Keep CO2 levels as low as possible, respecting the rest of parameters.
  • Harvest the fruits once the edge of the mushroom appears stretched and before it starts to break.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity throughout the cultivation phase, especially in the periods between seasons.


It is a very versatile mushroom. Depending on the number of fructifications obtained, mushrooms can be obtained for marketing in bulk or for packaged use.

Recommended sowing time

All year

Seta de cultivo
Seta de ostra