copy of Mycelium Agaricus bisporus 30 l

Mycelium Agaricus brunescens 30 l

<p>Portobello mushroom mycelium 30 l container, 18 kg. Contains 6 bags of approx. 3 kgs of A. brunescens mycelium for industrial use

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  • Color : white with brown shades
  • Size : large depending on the number of fruits, which will vary with handling conditions
  • Shape : rounded and dense cap, with straight and cylindrical foot. Thick veil.

Cultivation characteristics

  • It needs a compost of good quality, well finished, with a well-integrated humidity between 68 and 72%. It must be a selective compost, with abundant presence of Actinomycetes and Humicola.
  • Fast growth both in incubation (12-14 days) and in the invasion of the cover soil and in the fruiting time.
  • Fructifies easily.


  • The temperature in the compost during INCUBATION should not exceed 29ºC, the optimum being 25/26ºC. At these temperatures mycelial growth is strong and vigorous, and germination will be completed in 12-14 days.
  • It is important to choose a COVERING mixture with a good texture, with a high water retention power and porosity. It should be applied well wet, uniformly, and with a thickness of 3.5 to 4cm. In this way, the mycelium that invades the cover will form thick strands that facilitate the transport of nutrients to the fruit. The characteristics of this mycelium that invades the cover will determine the number and size of mushrooms.
  • During the invasion of the cover, keep the relative humidity and CO2 concentration high, ventilating only to prevent the temperature of the compost from exceeding 29ºC.
  • Induction of FRUCTIFICATION should be carried out when the mycelium is spread evenly throughout the soil.
  • For fruiting, lower the compost temperature to 18ºC.
  • In the case of mushrooms for the fresh market, this lowering should be gentle and prolonged in time.
  • The CO2 concentration during fruiting should not drop below 1. 100 ppm, although it will depend on the number of fruits desired.
  • CO2 levels thereafter should be between 1,500 and 2,000 ppm.
  • During FLOWERING , it will sometimes be difficult to maintain these CO2 levels. As long as the level does not exceed 2,200 ppm, serious damage will not occur, but stem elongation will occur. Humidity should be around 85% and always below 90%.
  • The ideal temperature for the development of mushrooms is around 16/18ºC although their resistance spectrum is wider.


Excellent mushroom for fresh market.


From September to April.

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