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In the house of mushrooms you will find equipment to look for mushrooms, accessories and products for the cultivation of mushrooms and truffles and dehydrated mushrooms, powder and many other gourmet mycological products with special prices for hospitality and restoration professionals.

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How does the professional section work?

Here you will find an answer to the doubts you can have regarding the operation of our store for mushroom professionals

High as a customer

Who can request access?
We will only give access to companies and professionals related to the product lines of our website. We want to establish lasting relationships with our clients and we will only authorize those requests that have links with our theme. For this, we may request the 036 model to check the trade activity
How can I request registration as a client?
If you are a specialized store or an autonomous professional you can request access to section B2B Pro from the Casa de las Mushrooms. To do this you must access the form and fill in the fields that we ask for, indicating in which of the different lines of our company you are interested. We leave you link to a video where we explain how to register.Te dejamos enlace a un video donde explicamos cómo darte de alta.
I have already registered ... And now what?
Once we receive the registration request as a B2B client, within 48h we will make a check of the data to proceed to the authorization. Once accepted you will receive a welcome email with the access data to your account and where we will explain the operation of our professional section. We recommend that you update your password in your first sessionTe recomendamos que actualices tu contraseña en tu primera sesión
Is there a minimum order to make a purchase?
We only require a first purchase of a minimum amount of € 100. From the first purchase we do not establish any restriction in orders to professionals but we do demand that amount as a minimum to activate the professional record


What advantages do I have when using the Pro store?
Once the discharge is accepted as a professional client you will get these advantages: you can enjoy all our products but benefiting from special discounts according to the categories you will receive bulletins with exclusive offers for our customers you can send the products directly to your customers (Dropshipping) you will have all invoices , orders and budgets in your customer account
What discounts do you apply?
We apply special discounts (between 15%-25%) only in certain categories in which we can adjust prices, but in all store categories you will be able to enjoy special prices. We want you to feel special when working with us will not apply to the professional accounts the discount bonds applied to store customers, and in any case the discounts are never cumulative
What categories do you apply discounts?
Within the equipment category to look The subcategories) Within the categories Sleets Categories with special discounts for professionals are those that we pack in bulk: Dehydrated mushrooms 15% powdered mushrooms 15% fresh truffle 15% risottos with mushrooms 15% paste with mushrooms 15% dehydrated ingredients 15% Within the mushroom cultivation category the categories with special discounts for professionals are: Kits and cultivation trunks 15% mushroom alpacas 15% mycelium 15% Mycorrhized plant 15% In the rest of the web categories a discount of 5% will be applied , except for those products in which we have already applied a special discount and that will be excluded from this special rate.
Can I buy all the products on the web?
Of course, not in all products we can apply the same conditions, but we will apply discounts on all products except for those that have already been reduced.


How can I make my order?
The simplest and most autonomous way is through the web, similar to the purchase that any user would make in our store. But if you prefer you can also make orders by email, sending an email to or by whatsapp (640267118). If you opt for this way of making orders, we need to indicate your customer data, what products you are interested in and how much, the payment method chosen and a delivery address. We will take care of the rest eye: we can only deliver orders in physical direction. Never in postal sections.
What forms of payment do you accept?
The payment methods for professional customers are the same as we apply on the web: Bizum Credit card PayPal Bank transfer (with a 3.4% service commission that will increase when ordering) there is also the possibility of using the service of fractional payments sequra.
I need the bill of my order
Together with each order we will include the bill, but if you need to receive in another format or it has not been attached by mistake, you can request it by email and we will send it to you right away. To do this you must send an email to adminasadestas indicating your data and the data of the invoice in question.
I have an equivalence surcharge, how do I indicate it?
Within the access form you will find a box to mark in the event that you need to apply equivalence surcharge in your invoices. In this way it will be activated in your customer file and will be applied in each purchase.


What are the turnaround times?
For small amounts, the deadlines are stipulated on the web for each product. These deadlines do not usually exceed 24-48 h. In the event that we do not have enough stock, the deadlines can be extended more than usual, although they do not usually exceed 3-4 days. If eventually you have to manufacture the requested products, we will inform you at all times of the established deadline for you to be informed. In the case of cultivation products, being living elements, we cannot guarantee their availability 100%. In these cases we will inform you of the incubation or mycorrization time necessary so that you can take it into account.
What type of transport do you use?
Shipments are managed with national and international messaging companies (SEUR, NaCex, UPS, DHL, ...) and is the same type of transport we use on our website. The delivery deadlines are the same and are usually 24-48 h within the Peninsula, from the reception of the package by the messaging. International shipments have higher transit deadlines depending a lot on the country of destination in the case of needing a palletized delivery we will inform you of the transport price once we are clear about the amount of the order and the place of delivery
Can I send the products to another address?
Of course! Much of our customers make the customers directly to their customers in dropshipping mode. If the delivery address is not indicated otherwise, it will be stipulated in the professional client tab. In order to select a different shipping address from the billing, you must include it on the payment catwalk, or indicate by email or WhatsApp so that we can manage it

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