Soil pH meter PCE-PH20S
Soil pH meter PCE-PH20S
Soil pH meter PCE-PH20S
Soil pH meter PCE-PH20S

Soil pH meter PCE-PH20S

<p>Complete Soil pH meter . Very easy to use to determine the pH value of the soil. It knows exactly the pH of that slope. Knowing if it is acidic or basic will show you what mushrooms appear on it. Take it with you in the fungimochila when you go for mushrooms.

Includes external pH electrode / recalibrable / waterproof (IP 67)


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The soil pH meter is the ideal solution for pH measurement in soil and substrates. Take it with you when you go mushroom hunting. Knowing the pH of the soil will help you to locate certain species of mushrooms that only grow in soils with a certain pH.

Very useful for measuring irrigation solutions in gardening that are used in greenhouses or in agricultural products and businesses.

The soil pH meter has been developed in order to directly determine the pH value of the soil.

With the help of the pH meter it is possible to quickly and accurately measure the pH value of the soil or of a test taken from the soil. You will know whether a soil is acidic or basic

To use it you have to penetrate the electrode into the previously fluffed soil and read the pH value on the digital display. Please always keep in mind that the measuring principle requires that there is always a residual moisture in the soil.

The pH meter is always shipped factory calibrated. A continuous recalibration of the pH meter is carried out with the calibration standards (buffer solutions) included in the delivery. The calibration data remain stored when the battery is changed.

- Waterproof (IP 67)
- Special external electrode with cable
- Automatic switch-off

- High accuracy
- Data-Hold function
- Easy to read digital display

Technical Specifications

Measuring ranges

0.00...14.00 pH


0.01 pH


±0.07 pH (over a range of 5 ... 9 pH)
±0.1 pH (over a range of 4 ... 4.9 and 9.1 ... 10 pH)±0.2 pH (over a range of 1 ... 3.9 and 10 ... 13 pH)


Automatic, by means of calibration solutions with a pH value of 4, 7 or 10


PH electrode to penetrate into the soil

Power supply

4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries

Ambient conditions H="50%" VALIGN="TOP">

0 ... +60 ºC / <80 % R.H.


180 x 40 mm


220 g

Contents of shipment

  • 1 x Soil pH meter PCE-PH20S
  • 1 x pH electrode
  • 4 x Batteries
  • 1 x Calibration set with pH 4 and pH 7 solutions (75 ml bottles)
  • 1 x Instructions for use