Alcornoque micorrizado con Boletus 1,5 l
Alcornoque micorrizado con Boletus 1,5 l

Alcornoque micorrizado con Boletus 1,5 l

<p> Quercus suber , cork oak, mycorrhizal and producer of boletus edulis, pot of 1500 cl

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Entrega 3-5 días

Cork oak mycorrhizal with Boletus

Cork oak (Quercus suber) mycorrhizal and Boletus-producing (Boletus edulis )

Altitude, soil, orientation and climate

  • It is found from 0 to 1 400 m altitude, even up to 2 000 m
  • It grows in all types of soils, except in waterlogged, very sandy and saline soils
  • It tolerates very well both cold and heat, as well as drought
  • It grows well under conditions of dry and warm drought
  • It is a xerophytic species
  • It prefers sunny, warm and dry areas, but also resists the cold
  • It settles in soils of basic to acid pH on different types of substrates, but in extreme situations it prefers limestone substrates oriented to the south
  • It is a tree very resistant to strong heat and cold so it is a characteristic tree of the Mediterranean region

WEIGHT: 0,600 gr

DIMENSIONS: 15 × 15 × 80 cm

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