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Truffle pack

Truffle pack

<p> A complete gift pack for Truffle lovers , the black diamond! A knife adapted for truffle extraction, a book to learn about truffles and how to cook them and a olive oil with white truffle . A sure hit


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If you want to surprise with an original gift or get started in the exciting world of truffles, this is your truffle kit.

This truffle pack includes:

a folding knife that incorporates a punch to facilitate the extraction of truffles. You can always carry it with you because it takes up very little space.

The book The Truffle , to learn more about this precious fungus. Includes recipes

A 250 cc bottle of extra virgin olive oil with white truffle , a delight for dressing salads, meats, ...

If you are looking for a gift for mushroom and truffle lovers this pack is the ideal