Practical truffle farming

Practical truffle farming


Complete manual for introduction to truffle cultivation


What are truffles, how are they formed and can they be cultivated? This subway fungus, which has aroused so much fascination among gourmets, has traditionally been shrouded in mystery. Today it is already an agricultural alternative for the mountainous regions of the Iberian System and the Pre-Pyrenees.

This book presents the essential technical fundamentals to successfully carry out a truffle project. It does so with scientific rigor but with a language accessible to all audiences. And finally, it includes a small recipe booklet with which to start enjoying this unique product.


Introduction. Biology. Main European and Spanish species. Ecology. Distribution of the black truffle in Spain, Europe and the world. Truffle growing. Truffle forestry. Truffle growing in other countries. Truffle in gastronomy. Legislation-


102 pagesFormat 14 x 21Edition 2012

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