Dried medicinal mushrooms

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Dried medicinal mushrooms

Dehydrating mushrooms has been the traditional way to ensure the consumption of edible mushrooms and fungi throughout the year. Being able to hydrate and return almost to its original form is one of the properties of mushrooms and fungi .

Medicinal mushrooms were not going to be less and in the same way that the dehydrated edible mushrooms, our varieties of medicinal mushrooms are also dehydrated, always in a natural way, to be used when it suits us best and throughout the season.

So you can find from reishi, Ganoderma lucidum , dehydrated and cut into slices, to make infusions or provide nutrients to your broths, to delicious oriental mushrooms, such as shiitake or maitake , to use them in cooking recipes. In addition to enjoying their great taste, we will benefit from their therapeutic properties. Incorporate little by little to your regular diet these mushrooms and fungi, in salads, broths, infusions, as garnish, ... you will see how in a few days your body notices

What are you waiting for to buy dried medicinal mushrooms and strengthen your defenses