Replica of Thistle mushroom, P. eryngii

Replica of Thistle mushroom, P. eryngii

Super realistic reproduction of a replica of a thistle mushroom, Pleorotus eryngii. Made in real size, height 9 cm, in resin. Mounted on a wooden base

The delivery time of the replicas is 3 days. If the replica is not in stock and it is necessary to make it, we will inform you of the delivery time.

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Super realistic reproduction of Replica of Replica of Thistle mushroom, P. eryngii. Resin molded and hand colored. Looks like the real thing!

Height 9 cm Mounted on a natural wood base. The base may vary according to the type of wood used

Mushroom represented:

Replica of Replica of Knights Mushroom, T. equestre in resinReal size, height 9 cm.