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Quick Exit Pack

Quick Exit Pack

A pack to always carry with us, a folding basket with a mushroom knife and a complete mycological guide. Folded it takes up very little space and you will always have it ready for a quick outing!

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This pack contains

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At some point youve probably had to pull out a basket because youve found niscalos or oyster mushrooms and you didnt have any at hand. With this pack you wont have that problem because you can always carry it with you in the car or in a backpack.

Includes a folding basket with aluminum structure and resistant beige fabric. The bottom of the basket is made of mesh to let the spores fall out. You can cover the grid if you are going to use the basket for any other use.

It also incorporates a mushroom knife with brush, opener, tweezers and sheath.

The mycological guide to edible and toxic mushrooms, one of the best guides to learn to recognize and differentiate them.

A sure hit!

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