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Dryer Pack

Dryer Pack

The drying pack includes 3 practical drying trays for mushrooms. Ideal to dehydrate many mushrooms in little space

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This pack contains

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We offer you this pack to dehydrate mushrooms at home. Ideal for the most pickers.

Surely after a good day in the mountains you have come home and you have lacked a place to dehydrate the mushrooms you have collected. With this drying pack it will not happen anymore. In a small space you can stack the 3 drying trays in order to dehydrate boletus, senderuelas, ...

Surely you will be right with this gift pack!

Features drying packSize 70x70 cm stackableNylon net and plastic parts
2020-11-04 20:29:38
Están bien diseñadas y el montaje es bueno; hubiera preferido que la malla estuviera hecha de un tejido natural en vez de sintético.
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