Mycosis of the mushroom crop

Mycosis of the mushroom crop


Book about pests in mushroom growing. Ideal for growers


An inventory of fungal diseases of mushroom cultivation, carried out during 1986 and 1991-2, is presented. In this inventory a total of 16 taxa are cited, among them, the main fungal pathogens of the cutlivo, such as: Cladobotryum dendroides, Diehliomyces microsporus, Mycogone perniciosa, Trichoderma spp. and Verticilium fungicola. During this biennium, an assessment was made of the most important phytopathological problem: Mole seca disease, which was present in all the farms and crop cycles sampled. This assessment showed that 67.72% of the diseased carpophores collected showed symptoms of being parasitized by V. fungicola, a fact that was corroborated by isolating the pathogen from 74.33% of the diseased carpophores analyzed. The exponential growth of the mycosis throughout the harvest period was also evident, so that during the first blossoms it can go practically unnoticed, while from the fourth blossom onwards the damage becomes more evident.


General information on mushroom cultivation. Historical background of edible mushroom cultivation. The host: Agaricus bisporus. Mushroom cultivation in Castilla-La Mancha. Photographs. Observations on the health status of mushroom cultivation in Castilla-La Mancha. Pathologies of fungal origin of mushroom cultivation. Inventory of fungal pathologies of mushroom cultivation in Castilla-La Mancha. Photographs. Mycoflora associated with mushroom seeds. Introduction. Previous notes. Material and methods. Results. Discussion and conclusions. Mushroom Verticiliosis. Approach to the knowledge of the disease. Materials and methods. Assessment of the incidence of the disease. Epidemiological aspects of verticilliosis. Identification of isolates of Verticillium spp. obtained from diseased mushrooms in Castilla-La Mancha. In vitro behavior of Verticillium fungicola strains against fungicides commonly used for its control. Photographs. General reflection. Conclusions. Bibliographical references. Abstract and Abstrat. Appendix.


212 pagesFormat 16,5 x 23,5Edition 1997

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