Varnished chestnut bead with nickel-plated tip

Varnished chestnut bead with nickel-plated tip

Martínez Albainox

Practical walking stick made of varnished chestnut wood. With nickel-plated tip. Buy your wooden cane to look for mushrooms. Weight approx. 300 gr. Height 125 - 130 cm


Wooden walking stick for mushroom picking. You can take long walks with this comfortable cane, which will help you to improve support and rest your arms. Minimizes fatigue.

This mushroom cane handcrafted in wood to be lightweight, has a nickel-plated zinc tip to protect the wooden stick from bumps.

Characteristics Dark chestnut wood mushroom cane:Material: Chestnut woodSize: 125 - 130 cm long, 3 cm in diameter approx.Color: varnished chestnut woodHandle Nickel-plated zinc protective metal tipCraftmanshipWeight: 300 gr (approx. )The wooden mushroom stick includes:Leather strap to hold it to the wrist and prevent it from falling while we use it in our outings in the mountainsNickel-plated metal tip that helps to look for edible mushrooms and protects the stick from possible breakage caused by the rocks

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