Opinel stainless steel tradition 07 penknife
Opinel stainless steel tradition 07 penknife
Opinel stainless steel tradition 07 penknife
Opinel stainless steel tradition 07 penknife
Opinel stainless steel tradition 07 penknife
Opinel stainless steel tradition 07 penknife

OPINEL Stainless steel tradition knife 07

<p> Classic model of this well-known French brand of knives and knives Opinel . Size 07. Buy the Opinel knife tradition in La Casa de las Setas.


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La Casa de las Setas presents this classic model of the French firm Opinel, its model Tradition No. 7.

The classic knife "made in France". Invented by Joseph Opinel more than 120 years ago, the No. 07 remains a symbol of the brand. It is ideal for camping and picnics, but it will also accompany you in your daily life.

Its 8 cm stainless blade guarantees an excellent cut and is highly resistant to corrosion. Its varnished beech handle ensures a safe and pleasant grip. A safety ring locks the blade in open and closed position.

It has a straight blade with a 7 cm stainless steel tip, ideal for levering boletus and other large mushrooms and facilitating their harvesting. In addition, because of its traditional blade shape, you can use it in many other outdoor tasks, not only for looking for mushrooms.

Natural beech handle. Viroblock locking system for greater safety.

Features OPINEL garden knife

  • Open length cm. 17, closed length cm. 10
  • weight gr. 50.
  • Blade length: 8 cm
  • Type of steel:
  • 12C27M Sandvik stainless steel. The 12C27 stainless steel of Sandvik developed by Opinel is famous for its cutting and ease of use. The stainless steel is able to undergo the heat treatment that gives it its great durability and is called martensitic. It has a large amount of carbon, at least 0.40%, which allows to achieve a very satisfactory cut without being sensitive to corrosion. Hardness of the blade 57-58 HRC
  • Type of blade: The traditional Opinel blade is the so-called Yatagan blade. Its shape is inspired by a Turkish saber, with a raised tip. The blade is furnished according to an exclusive pumped profile that guarantees the solidity of the blade and allows effective sharpening.
  • Handle: natural beech wood. Beech is the wood most commonly used for the manufacture of Opinel handles. It comes from French farms, it is hard, resistant and easy to work. With a homogeneous aspect, its light color varies from yellow to pink. It is easily recognizable by the presence of several dark traces. The varnished handle is protected from stains and humidity.
  • Safety ring: Viroloc. Invented by Marcel Opinel, the Virobloc safety ring is on all knives that close from No. 06. Cut in stainless steel, the Virobloc consists of two parts: a fixed part and a sliding part. In addition to locking the blade in the open position (safety in use), it is now possible to lock the blade in the closed position (safe transport).