Thistle plants (Eryngium campestre)...
Thistle plants (Eryngium campestre)...

Thistle plants (Eryngium campestre) in forestry pots

<p> Unmycorrhizated thistle (Eryngium campestre) plants. Ideal for inoculation of thistle mycelium.


Delivery 3-5 days

25 ud of Eryngium campestre, runner thistle

Potted plants of thistle (Eryngium campestre) in pot and WITHOUT INOCULATION to be planted in the field and later inoculated with the appropriate doses of Micecardo®. Great adaptation to a multitude of seasons.

Plant in alveolus. In about 1000 m2 there would be room for 350 plants, at an approximate planting frame of 3x1 m.

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