Bittersweet yellow trumpet
Bittersweet yellow trumpet
Bittersweet yellow trumpet
Bittersweet yellow trumpet

Bittersweet yellow trumpet


Jar of sweet and sour yellow trumpet jam


The sweet and sour mountain gluttony jam is a sweet and sour sauce made from a yellowish, stunted mushroom (Cantharellus lutences), which grows in coniferous forests during autumn-winter.

This mushroom preserve is made only with natural ingredients:

Yellow trumpet, Cantharellus lutescensmanzanna vinegarModena vinegar,Castilian pine nutsorejonessugar.This mushroom sauce is ideal to accompany both red meats, game, foie, fish, smoked meats, pates and dairy products: yogurt, curd, ice cream, custards and cheeses. It is also delicious as a salad dressing, adding oil and salt to the sweet and sour sauce.

It is a product prepared to be consumed hot or cold, combining the flavor and texture of the edible mushroom with a play of contrasts between the sweetness of the dried apricots and the sugar with the acidity of the vinegars and the characteristic flavor of the Castilian pine nuts

The raw material arriving at the factory is checked by biologist and mycologist to rule out possible misidentified specimens. Afterwards, it is selected to eliminate defective specimens and all the elements that can alter the quality of the product, such as needles and other vegetal remains.

Once the package has been opened, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator, preferably within 12 months.weight: 140 gr / 275 gr

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