Sustrato para producción de Coriolus...
Sustrato para producción de Coriolus...

Sustrato para producción de Coriolus - Trametes versicolor

<p>3 kg bag of cellulosic woody substrate ready for the production of Coriolus - Trametes versicolor. With cultivation instructions. Very easy to grow

Entrega 3-5 días

Substrate with about 3 kg of mushrooms ready to produce Coriolus - Trametes versicolor

As this is a live organism, we may not have the product in stock immediately, and there may be a slight delay in delivery. After placing the order, you will be informed about the immediate availability of the product or the delivery time.


When you receive the substrate, place it in the refrigerator at a temperature of about 6 to 7º for 24h00. After that time, remove it and place it in a cool place in the house;

Keep the substrate in a cool place, protected from the sun;

Remove the top of the bag;

Keep the substrate moist, but do not steam directly

Harvest mushrooms as soon as they reach the desired size;

After harvesting mushrooms, keep the substrate moist to bring them back to fruiting;

When the substrate is at the end of its life, you can put the rest in your garden, it is great for keeping the soil alive, with mycelium that will feed some microorganisms in the soil, making us have living soil. You can also put the rest of the substrate at the base of the fruit trees (mulching) to keep the humidity and temperature stable and avoid the appearance of weeds.