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The medicinal use of mushrooms and fungi dates back thousands of years in the Orient and in America . In Eastern culture, especially in Japan, Korea and China, mushrooms have been used since ancient times to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Different peoples have also observed the antibiotic capacity of certain molds. A subject under study and in constant evolution that will lead to determine what role can play certain fungi and mushrooms, such as Reishi Ganoderma, Cordyceps, ... in preventive medicine as complements to a balanced diet.

Reishi ganoderma lucidum

Mushrooms and fungi are very rich in carbohydrates and prevent, for example, constipation. They are low in fat and, apart from their high protein value, contain between 10% and 50% carbohydrates that are not digestible by human enzymes, but can be partially fermented by bacteria in the colon, which gives them an effect on the digestive tract similar to that of fiber. These substances have a regulating effect on intestinal transit. They also have antioxidant and hypocholesterolemic properties, so it is important to start counting on mushrooms in our diet, being also cheap those that are in nature and very affordable most of the cultivated ones . The mineral content is extremely important for the balance of fluids in the human body. It is fair to highlight the importance of mushrooms as producers of bioactive substances , which are used in medicine to delay or overcome diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer's disease. The mycological components are also used to treat problems of hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol or to strengthen the immune system .

Although much research remains to be done, more than half a thousand mushrooms and fungi contain substances with therapeutic properties, from Penicillium notatum , Shiitake , Lentinus edodes , anticarcinogenic and antibiotic; sun mushroom , Agaricus bisporus , rich in vitamins and anti-diabetic; or oyster mushroom , Pleurotus ostreatus , revitalizing anticancer.


For some time now it has been easy to buy Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum , revitalizing, aphrodisiac and stimulant; Lion's Mane , Hericium erinaceus , anticarcinogenic and improves health in Alzheimer's patients; or Trametes versicolor , antiviral and anticarcinogenic under different commercial formulas. In the bush we can find specimens of Oronja , Amanita caesarea , purgative; Ear of Judas , Auricularia auricula judae , analgesic, hemostatic and revitalizing; Chanterelle , Cantharellus cibarius , rich in vitamins A and C, which strengthens the visual capacity; chanterelles , Lactarius deliciosus , antibiotic and indicator of renal activity; Senderuelas , Marasmius oreades, antibiotic; and Langermania gigantea , with hemostatic, antiviral and antibiotic properties, among many others of medicinal interest.


Mushrooms are foods of great nutritional value . Some of them are a real delicacy because of their flavor and it could be said that a great number of them have important medicinal properties, circumstance that usually people do not know. In many cases the active principles have to be isolated in laboratories by the pharmaceutical industries to be used in medicine (they are also used in veterinary medicine) and in other cases the beneficial effects are observed after the consumption of fresh mushrooms , dried mushrooms or concentrated in capsules that you can find in our section of Myco-Health .

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