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<p>Medicinal plants have been used by man to cure his ailments since ancient times, used instinctively, as some animals do today to purge themselves or to reduce the effect of a snake bite. Therefore, we could well say that they have fulfilled their curative function since before man appeared on Earth. Sumerian and Egyptian papyri of extraordinary antiquity are known, which were already true treatises on Phytotherapy.

Therefore, natural remedies have not been totally abandoned, despite the extraordinary advances in pharmaceutical chemistry. On the contrary, today wild plants would not be able to supply the market and it has been necessary to resort to large plantations in order to serve not only the primitive users, but above all the large laboratories, which extract from these plants the substances that had previously been used in the form of simple home remedies.

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Foreword. Introduction. Recipe book. Appendices. Most common forms of preparation and administration. Harvesting. Harvesting time. Conservation. Medicinal plants used in the Recipe Book and list of their properties and indications. Tables and graphs. Bibliography.

Recipe book (in alphabetical order of diseases). Percentage of medicine to be administered according to the age and weight of the person. Weights and volumes of current use in Phytotherapy. Equivalence between percent and spoonfuls per cup. Equivalence between percent and grams per liter or per fraction or multiple of liter. Most usual forms of preparation and administration. Quantities of 95º alcohol and distilled water to be mixed to obtain a determined graduation and weight of the mixture. Harvesting. Harvesting time of medicinal plants. Conservation. Approximate weight losses experienced by some plants after drying. Medicinal plants used in the recipe book and list of their properties and indications.

Illustrated with 200 color photographs

Author/s: J. Fernández-Pola

Binding: Softcover

Printing: Color

Year of publication: 1992-2015

Language of the book: Spanish

Number of pages: 416

ISBN: 978-84-282-0912-0

Size: 14 (width) x 21.5 (height)