GUIDE TO THE FLOWERS OF EUROPE, Aichele D. Aichele, M. Golte-Bechtle

Ediciones OMEGA
<p>This guide allows the quick identification of flowers based on their color, the habitat where they live and their shape. The lists in the margins of the book make it easy to find the color, the heading of each page leads to the habitat and, with a simple glance, you can quickly understand the symbol corresponding to the structure of each flower. The comparison of the plant found with the drawing is the final step for its complete identification.

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Color: White, yellow, red, blue, violet, brown and green. Habitats: Fields, gardens, roads, embankments, dumps. Meadows, pastures, grasslands. Forests, thickets, hedges. Swamps, peat bogs, riverbanks, waters. Trees and shrubs. Flower shapes: Flowers with a maximum of 4 petals. Flowers with 5 petals. Flowers with more than 5 petals or flower heads. Flowers with bilateral symmetry.

Illustrated with 1200 color figures

Author(s): D. Aichele, M. Golte-Bechtle

Binding: Hardcover

Printing: Color

Number of pages: 416

Year of publication: 1988

Number of edition: 1

ISBN: 978-84-282-0842-0

Size: 11 (width) x 19 (height)