Cesta de mimbre Cibarius
Cesta de mimbre Cibarius
Cesta de mimbre Cibarius

Cesta de mimbre Cibarius

<p>Wicker basket buff, model Cibarius. Handmade with wicker of 1st quality.

Measurements: 51 cm long, 35 cm wide, 21 cm / 33 cm (without / with handle) high. Weight: 870 gr. approx. Large capacity 7-8 kg

Entrega 3-5 días

are you looking for a high quality and durable wicker basket for mushroom picking or for decorating your home? Our oval wicker basket is the perfect choice for you.

The basket is made of buff wicker, which means it is very sturdy and durable. With a capacity of 7-8 kg, you'll be able to collect all the mushrooms you want without worrying about their weight. Plus, thanks to its 51 cm length, 35 cm width, 21 cm handle height and 33 cm basket height, you'll have plenty of room to store all your items.

The best thing about our wicker basket is that it is not only practical, but also very attractive. The brown color and oval shape give it a touch of elegance and charm that will certainly enhance your home decor.

It is important that you take good care of your basket to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the care and maintenance instructions for your wicker basket. Also, after each use, be sure to clean it carefully and remove any mushroom debris that may stain or damage the basket.

Each of our mushroom baskets is handmade and unique, making them true works of art. Please note that measurements are approximate and may vary up to 2-3 cm.

what are you waiting for? Buy our Cibarius oval wicker basket now and enjoy its beauty and practicality in your home.


Wicker basket, oval shape

Wicker buff. Ideal basket for mushrooms or decoration


Type of wicker: wicker buff

Color: brown


870 gr

51 cm long

35 cm wide

21 cm handle height

33 cm height basket


Basket capacity: 7-8 kg


We recommend that you follow the instructions described in this Care and maintenance guide for wicker baskets


Clean the basket thoroughly after each use

Carefully remove any remaining mushrooms to prevent them from staining and/or damaging the basket

All our mushroom baskets are handmade and each basket is different from the others, which makes them even more beautiful.

As they are made one by one the measurements should be considered approximate, with a tolerance of about 2-3 cm.