Inóculo para micorrizar árboles con...

Inóculo para micorrizar árboles con Trufa negra

<p>Inoculum to mycorrhizalize trees with black Truffle

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Mycorrhizal inoculum of Boletus edulis

Mycorrhizal inoculum of Boletus edulis is a natural gel composed of spores, mycelium and mycelial propagules, mycelium and mycelial propagules that is applied directly on the ABSORBENT roots of trees between two and 30 years of age for the cultivation of mycorrhizal fungi such as black truffle

It is recommended to apply the product in the presence of high relative humidity and mild temperatures, during the spring and autumn months.

Format: 0.5 l. and 1 l.

Suitable timing for mycorrhization: autumn and spring. Choose humid days, after a week of rain. Outside these periods we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of mycorrhization.

Storage: store in refrigerator (4 °C) for up to four weeks from receipt.

Apply to the roots of: oaks, holm oaks

Requirements for mycorrhizating pre-existing trees: plants from 2 to 25 years of age.

Application of mycorrhizal inoculum: mycorrhization is done only once and must be carried out carefully and manually using latex gloves. In the projection of the canopy on the ground, lift the surface humus in four points (north, south, east and west) 2-3 cm deep and about 20 cm 2 .

Yield 125 ml/tree


The inoculum can be applied on oak and holm oak species since this fungus is specific to these trees. The ideal time for inoculation is from the end of April to mid-June (spring) or from the end of August to the end of October (autumn). It is recommended to perform this task in periods of moderate rainfall and mild temperatures.

We proceed by raking the topsoil in the area of crown projection, going 3 to 10 cm deep until we find the absorbing roots, which are the mycorrhizae-forming roots (they are recognized by being thinner). If we are going to make several inoculations, we can use a power tiller, which by shallow milling will facilitate this work.

Once we find a good tangle of these absorbing roots, we will place them on a bed of mycorrhizal substrate and apply approximately 25 ml of the fungal inoculum, impregnating all the rootlets well with the mycorrhizal gel. Once inoculated, cover them with a little mycorrhizal substrate and finally cover the area with the soil and leaf litter previously removed.

We will make 4 inoculation points (about 125 ml per tree) and water them a little in the absence of rain. It is not necessary to do deep work such as tilling, but it is advisable to keep this mycotrop well cared for, as this will increase the production of mushrooms: weeding, pruning and thinning appropriate to each plantation. Water the trees once a week in summer or if there are prolonged droughts (10 days without rain).

The first mushrooms will appear between 18-24 months after mycorrhization.

You can see how to apply the inoculum in this video: v=A51EvqfYxzc

Mycorrhizal inoculum of black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is a gel composed of spores and mycelial propagules of the fungus, which is applied on the absorbing roots of the tree for the formation of mycorrhizae, resulting in the production of black truffle . Yield 125 ml/tree

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