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<p> Mushroom knife TARAMUNDI handmade by an artisan knifemaker. A unique mushroom knife


Entrega 3-5 días

The handmade mushroom knife TARAMUNDI is made of high quality stainless steel , by one of the few remaining artisan knifemakers in this area of Spain

Its blade is hammer forged and tempered with oil and water .

The stainless steel ring is worked and engraved with a punch

The natural native wood handle is carefully decorated and treated before varnishing.

The cut and quality of the edge is guaranteed by the seal "" Taramundi "", a well-known Asturian firm dedicated to the production of handmade knives.

The quality of the hair (horse) and its anchorage is very careful, so its duration is infinite.

Features TARAMUNDI Handmade Mushroom Knife

  • Total open size: 23 cm to the brush, 17 cm to the base of the handle
  • Blade size: 7.5 cm
  • Handle material: decorated boxwood
  • Brush size: 6 cm from the handle
  • Brush type: natural bristle from Asturian horse