Citronella mosquito bracelet

Citronella mosquito bracelet

Practical bracelet with Citronella oil to protect you from mosquitoes thanks to its natural scent. Place it on your ankle or wrist and enjoy the outdoors.


Silicone bracelet with Citronella for Adult.

A practical bracelet with natural Citronella oil that gives off a scent that will protect you from mosquitoes.

The Protective Bracelet with Citronella offers a soft and pleasant scent.

At certain times of the year it is very common to see an increase in mosquitoes and, with them, an increase in bites. This bracelet will help you stay protected all the time you wear it.

It does not contain biocides or insecticides, which makes the bracelet a totally safe repellent for children and adults.

It is suitable for those who want to protect themselves from unpleasant mosquito bites.

Can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

Water resistant, so it is perfect to protect the little ones from mosquito bites in the summer months.

Keep in a cool, dry not suck the bracelet.keep out of reach of children without adult supervision.external use.